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Broke rings on pistons

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Q: What causes oil in the exhaust?
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What causes blue smoke from exhaust?

Burning oil

What causes black soot from exhaust?

burning oil

What causes White smoke from exhaust when im idle?

Piston rings or Rich oil .

What causes white smoke that smells like burnt oil from the exhaust?

Head gasket

What causes a smell of exhaust or burned engine oil from the heater vents of a 2001 Toyota Sienna?

Doesn't matter what type of vehicle, this indicates an exhaust leak and an oil leak. The burnt oil and the exhaust, get pulled into the cowl which is where the air for the interior comes from! Not very healthy...

What causes oil being blown out of exhaust?

Seriously worn piston rings and more than likely a broken oil ring.

What causes backfire from exhaust pipe?

Unburned fuel in the exhaust system causes the backfire from the exhaust pipe.

What causes blue exhaust?

A vehicle that emits blue exhaust is experiencing an oil leak that has seeped past the engine seals and started to burn with the fuel. It indicates either a blown head gasket or an engine oil leak.

What causes black sooty exhaust?

What can cause black sooty exhaust is bad valve guides. When the guides are bad oil leaks into the cylinder when the car isn't running. When the car starts it produces black exhaust.

What causes water in oil pan?

Usually a blown gasket, usually the head gasket. It creates a seal between the oil and the combustion chamber. When broken oil can leak in and you will have smokey exhaust and a dramatic drop in oil level, or exhaust gas (which includes H2O vapor) can mix with the oil. This is a very serious problem and can lead to severe engine damage.

How do you stop your Dodge Intrepid 2004 from smoking?

Oil always worked for me!!! ....You might have blown your headgasket! This means that your engine coolant is leaking into the oil in the engine and it causes smoke out your exhaust.

Can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil?

can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil

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