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Probably the intake manifold gasket needs replacement. Since the engine has large amount of oil under the intake manifold, and its gaskets are all that keeps the oil out of the intake manifold's vacume, that is a reasonable place to start thinking about. The PCV, ( positive crankcase valve ) could be stuck as well. That's easily checked by unplugging it from the engine and shaking it, and put your finger over the end of it with the engine idling. That valve is a very simple device, generally speaking, if it rattles when you shake it, and you can feel some vacume when you cover its engine side with your finger, it's OK. It has two manners of operation. It blocks the high engine vacume on deceleration, and allows some suction through the engine to reburn any blowby instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere.

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Q: What causes oil to be in the throttle-body of a SPF injection GM 3800 engine?
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