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Try leaving your engine oil down1/4-1/2 qt next time you change oil. Or if you have to add oil, leave the level down a bit. Too often this problem is caused by overfilling, even though you are within specs. Hope this helps. Oil will always spit out of the breather. Its just the nature of the beast.

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Q: What causes oil to spit from the carburetor crome air pipe that goes to the engine head on an early 1999 Harley Heritage Softtail custom?
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What causes a primary cover on a Harley Davidson softtail to overheat?

The most common cause is a grounded stator. Lack of primary oil or a too-tight chain can also cause excessive chaincase heat.

What causes the plastic boot under the primary chain to crack on a Harley Davidson Heritage Springer?

Chain too tight

What causes a lawn mower carburetor to flood?

A bad, stuck or dirty float needle inside the carburetor.

What causes Fuel leaks from carburetor bottom when not running engine?

bad seal in between your intke manifold and carburetor

What causes carburetor overflow tube to leak gas on 03 Honda rancher?

your float is stuck in the carburetor. Clean it with carb cleaner.

What causes fire out the carburetor?

A misfire will cause flames to come out of the carburettor

What causes gas leaking from a carburetor?

Usually a stuck float mechanism.

What causes a bad idle on 50 hp outboard engine?

carburetor or spark plugs

What causes gas to leak into cylinder of 18HP Kohler on Craftsman lawn tractor?

The float valve in the carburetor is not working properly. You will need to remove the carburetor and clean it or replace it.

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What are the causes of over flow in carburetor?

needle & seat maybe dirty , also check float level

What causes a lawn mower engine to idle high and low and then cut off?

Sounds like you need to clean your carburetor. Before messing with the carburetor, check the fuel filter - it might be clogged.

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