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Eat something. Many times when you are hungry, your stomach will "growl" or "grumble." This is very normal. Your stomach is a muscular organ that is part of the digestive system. The stomach's role is to break down food with digestive acids and juices through repetitive contractions. When you have not eaten for several hours and are hungry, your stomach will still contract in attempts to digest food that is not present. Therefore, the walls of the stomach are rubbing against each other which sometimes makes an audible noise like a "grumbling." When the stomach is empty, air is more likely to be present. Air bubbles in the stomach can then cause a "gurgling" noise as well. So, the noises your stomach is making are normal. This is one of your body's mechanisms for letting you know that it is time to eat and that more nutrients are required.!! Keep a log of the certain foods you eat. Some foods can cause indigestion, gas and thus rumbling of the stomach or release of gas by passing wind either by burp or out the shoot scoop. This can be embarrassing for some people. Some gassy foods are broccoli, brussel sprouts, hot sauces, garlic sausage, etc., alcohol (especially beer ... awwww). You can buy pills over-the-counter called Beano and that will help with the gas. It also means you probably aren't drinking enough water. You should be drinking 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day and more if you are in a hot country or exercising and perspiring more. If you just eat and sit around you most certainly will have rumblings and a build-up of gas.

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What causes the stomach to grumble?

The stomach grumbles when the stomach walls contract and the acids and juices splash around which creates the grumbling sound.

Why do you hear grumbling sounds from your abdomen?

This is normal. It is called "borborigmy" by some scientists. It is caused in the stomach because after the food has been digested and sent to the intestines, the stomach is only churning air. This causes the noise, which sounds like "borborigmy borborigmy".

What causes thicking of the stomach linning?

What causes the stomach linning to thicken

What causes my stomach to boil with loud growling sounds?

my stomach is boiling what are the causes?

What causes an upset stomach?

stomach acids may enter another part of the digestive system witch causes an upset stomach

What causes stomach pains in the top of your stomach?


What causes stomach acid?

diagram of acid and alkali in stomach

What causes stomach rumbling?

When peristalsis occurs, your stomach rumbles.

What are some of the causes of a stomach ache?

being shot in the stomach is one.

Can stomach problem causes tension in mind?

It depends on what stomach problem you have.

What causes acid indigestion?

if there is too much acid in your stomach it bubbles up you oesaphagus (the tube from mouth to stomach ) and causes ingestion .

What are some causes of stomach pain?

There can be many, many causes for stomach pains. They could be caused by gas, a virus, or food poisoning.

Where does a mutation occur?

In your stomach, and that's what causes your stomach to hurt. So when your stomach hurts you now will know that a mutation is happening in your stomach.

What causes stomach pains?

stomach pains are caused when the food has not been digested

How are stomach ulcers caused?

stress, which causes too much stomach acid.

What effect does helicobacterium pylori has on stomach?

It is one of the main causes of stomach ulcers.

What causes your stomach to growl after you eat?

because of air we take our meal,becuse if our stomach do not growl our food that we eat doesn,t grind very well and it causes stomach ache

What causes burning and pain in stomach and back?

This may not be helpful but if your stomach burns it means you have a lot of acid in you stomach.

Why is my stomach flipped?

my mom says that sometimes her stomach flips. can you tell me what causes that feeling of her stomach flipping over?.

What happens to your stomache do when you're constipated?

Constipation occurs when someone defecates less than 3 times in a week, which often results in feces that are hard to eliminate. Constipation sometimes causes one's stomach to feel bloated.

What causes a stomach ache?

The Cause of a stomach ache is if you eat something disgusting! For example if you eat something rotten or if you eat apoisonous item it causes stomach aches. Good Day Mate!

Is tomato good to eat when you have stomach ache?

No, the acid causes more of a stomach ache.

What substance causes the acid level of the stomach?

Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid, HCl.

The hormone that causes the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

That is hormone gastrin. It is secreted by stomach

What causes a cyst to form in your stomach?