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Well just when you touch your face or you sweat you get zitz. You won't get zits or acne under/ on your armpits from touching " The Pits". You get acneflaws from sweating. If i may suggest a tip Do Not Use proactive, clean& clear, or anyother acne controler on your pits. I sugggest Deoderant. If you have more acne down there i suggest thicker layers of deoderant or clincal stregnth deoderant.

Girls- Secret, orange blosssom verbena

Boys- Old spice ( no recommended scent)

Pimples come from bacteria that live on the skin and create blockage in sebaceous glands. The pits don't have as many as the face. What you might be experiencing is ingrown hair or boils. If you shave your pits, you might even be experiencing a form of folliculitis. Keep your pits clean and don't try to shave too close. Eat a healthy diet, too. Lay off the grease.

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How do you get rid of armpit pimples?

To get rid of pimples under their armpits you must take a shower scrub it lightly with scrub DONT PUT ANYTHING UNDER UR ARMPITS LIKE PERFUME OR LOTION... Once u have done that now you put vapor rub on it every day and it will pop ot start to get smaller

What changes may happen tomale and female during puberty?

Femalesgrow boobsget periodgrow hairlegsarmpitsprivate areasget pimplesMalesVoice changeGet pimplestallergrow hairlegsarmpitsprivate areasfaceget pimples

What causes pain under the armpits?

Well it may be from shaving and the razor irritation. Or just swollen lympnoids

Why do you get big red pimples under your armpits and every time you shave them pus will even come out of them?

The pimples are razor bumps or burns. To help prevent them try using baby oil before shaving. You can even try some hair conditioner.

Why do I have itchy armpits?

i have ichy armpits because i have lice under them

Why do you get pimples on your forehead?

if you get a fringe or have one, it gets hot and greasy. that causes pimples.

What are the causes of pimples?

getting stress

What causes pimples on your labia?


Does sperms taking out causes pimples?

Yes it puts pimples on face I do it and get pimples all over face I don't now how to stop

What causes itchy armpits?

sweat or hair growing

How do you tickle armpits?

softly move your fingers under the armpits then start to move your fingers quicker

What problems does chocolate cause?

It causes pimples.

How do you get hair in your armpits?

You don't have to worry about that it will come you usually get hair under your armpits at the age of 13-16

Can tumor occur under the armpits?


What foods cause pimples?

* Food does not cause pimples, touching your face and not washing your face twice a day causes pimples. * Too much refined (processed) carbohydrate can certainly cause pimples.

If clogged causes pimples infections and overheated?


What causes pimples on the genitalia when one is about to menstruate?

when you are cold.

Can you get pimples from lack of sex?

No. Skin problems have nothing to do with sex. Not washing your skin or taking care of it is causes pimples.

Can you have pimples inside your nose?

Pimples can occur anywhere in your body from where heat tries to escape.This causes a pimple.I have heard of cases where people have gotten them in the ear, under the fingernail and on their behind but never in the nose but that doesn;t rule out the possibilty.

What is the smelly stuff under your armpits?

puberty Bacteria

How does a male get hair to grow under his armpits?


Are marmoset monkeys bald under their armpits?


How do you get hair under armpits?

It's grows by itself ?

What is the part on the human body under the armpits?


Can cancer form under armpits?

yes - lymphatic