What causes pimples under your armpits?

Well just when you touch your face or you sweat you get zitz. You won't get zits or acne under/ on your armpits from touching " The Pits". You get acneflaws from sweating. If i may suggest a tip Do Not Use proactive, clean& clear, or anyother acne controler on your pits. I sugggest Deoderant. If you have more acne down there i suggest thicker layers of deoderant or clincal stregnth deoderant.

Girls- Secret, orange blosssom verbena

Boys- Old spice ( no recommended scent)

Pimples come from bacteria that live on the skin and create blockage in sebaceous glands. The pits don't have as many as the face. What you might be experiencing is ingrown hair or boils. If you shave your pits, you might even be experiencing a form of folliculitis. Keep your pits clean and don't try to shave too close. Eat a healthy diet, too. Lay off the grease.