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hey, Alot of it has to do with how open your valves are in the water line check and make sure they are all open all the way.

2006-08-08 01:31:16
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Where do the pipes lead?

to your toilet

What causes the pipes to vibrate even when the water is turned off?

They have probably got air bubbles in them. It may be a worn out ballcock at a toilet.

What causes dirty water to come out of your toilet and in the drain of your bath tub?

Blocked or dirty pipes. id call a plummer ASAP.:)

Why does toilet paper dissolve?

Toilet paper dissolves so as not to clog up pipes.

Are toilet pipes connected upstairs to downstairs?

yes they are

Can underwear go down toilet?

You will probably clog your toilet or pipes if you flush anything but toilet paper. I would not recommend trying to flush underwear down the toilet.

How would a mouse get into a closed toilet?

throught the water pipes

What causes toilets to drip?

Drip where? However, wear and tear and old age causes it. A drip from a toilet can come from anywhere, it could be a worn out rubber washer, the sealent around the pan connector could be not sealing properly, the cystern or pan could be cracked. Even the inlet water pipes that connect to the toilet could be leaking and may make it out as if the toilet is leaking or dripping.

Why do pipes make noise after toilet tank is refilled?

Pipes may make noise after the toilet tank is refilled for several reasons. A pipe may be loose. It could also be the momentum of the water filling the tank and then suddenly having to stop. Rather than stopping right away, the water continues and causes a vibration after it is forced to stop.

Is it automatic that when a toilet back flows the pipes leak?

yes if you eat them

What causes a powdery gray sediment in the toilet sink and tub of one bathroom but nowhere else in an older house?

It's probably the original bath and the steel pipes are corroded and leaving mineral deposits in that bath. Other pipes may have been replaced.

What causes the water pipes to hum when turned off?

choir members in your pipes

Can you melt plastic in water like a small bottle lodged inside a toilet without damaging the toilet or pipes?

No. Either snake the toilet and get it back, force it down or take the toilet up and get it that way.

Why do pipes rattle when toilet flushed?

Poor strapping of water lines in the wall.

Why do water pipes burst in winter?

because the water inside the pipes freezes which causes ice to be created, which then expands and causes the pipe to burst

Why would waste and toilet paper back up in basement floor drain when toilet upstairs is flushed?

Most Likely, your pipes are all hooked up in the same system. all the pipes travel to the basement most likely.

Can you put hair down toilet?

Hair can be flushed down a toilet, but only a small amount at a time, otherwise you risk clogging the pipes.

What causes pipes to groan?

Pipes groan, due to the fact that pipes are not secured down properly or that there are loose parts in the faucet or mixer.

Why is it important to protect water pipes in the winter so that they don't freeze?

If you don't insulate water pipes or protect them in some way from the cold, the water inside the pipes can freeze. This causes you to be without water until the pipes warm up enough to thaw. Also, when the water freezes, it can expand and burst the pipes which will then need to be replaced. Save yourself the aggravation of having no water and the cost of replacing pipes by insulating them. To protect pipes in an empty or unused building, you can pour anti-freeze down all drains and in the toilet to winterize them.

Why do pipes rattle when the toilet flushes?

Water hammering on any quick closing valves

Do frozen pipes stop a toilet cistern filling up?

it depends on how good the pluming is.

When you flush a toilet where does the waste go?

when you flush the toilet the waste goes through the pipes and to a treatment plant or a treatment pond and decomposes and evaporates rhys

What causes water pipes to burst when the outside temperature is 5 degrees below zero?

Water freezes at 0 deg C. As the water freezes in the pipes, it expands and it is the force of expansion which causes the pipes to burst.

What causes singing water pipes?

Singing water pipes can be caused by air that is trapped in the pipes. The air can cause a whistling or singing sound, or it can cause the pipes to knock or rattle.

Toilet flushing creates groaning sound in pipes of hosue?

A toilet flushing that creates a groaning sound in the pipes of a house is usually caused by gas buildup in the lines. As the waste and water pass through, it displaces the gases causing the audible noise.