What causes poverty in Libya?

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It is obvious. Poverty in Libya is caused due to the leadership of its Muamaar Khadaffy. Khadaffy was in power for over 40 years to squander the oil wealth of the country. He closed off education, killed political dissenters, consorted with terrorists all over the world, and neglected to think for the welfare of his people. It is uncommon for one person to rule over a country for so many years and still has nothing to show for his leadership.
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What are the causes of poverty?

Understanding global poverty involves stepping back from theinfinite variety of circumstantial misfortune experienced athousehold level. A vantage point of history will observe that mostpoor countries were vassals of the great colonial powers of the19th and 20th centuries. The exit strategies pursue ( Full Answer )

Does crime cause poverty?

No, other way around. Poverty causes crime. If you don't have enough, you feel like there's injustice. Why do others have what you cannot? Once people get bitter enough (or desperate enough because they need food and money to feed and clothe themselves/their families), they commit crimes.

What causes poverty in Sabah?

Poverty is a "relative" term and commonly referred to the material sense, in the case of Sabah. Sabah is actually rich (culture, raw materials, etc). But, because the distribution of these richness is not efficient, you would have your "poverty". Efficiency is low because the information that is ne ( Full Answer )

What are some major causes of poverty?

In countrys like Canada we do not have extreme poverty because we have lots of non renuewable resources which other countries will pay a lot for. This means that there are many good jobs to offer. In some other countries they do not have very many things to sell this means that there are not as many ( Full Answer )

Causes of poverty in South Africa?

There are many causes of poverty in the region of South Africa.Some include war, disease, lack of education, lack of work,drought, and low wages.

What are the Causes of poverty in South America?

\nPoverty in South America is primarily perceived as an urban phenomenon as 70% of the population live in cities. But in the rural areas poverty has become a more problematic issue. The indigenous peasants are the poorest people. The poverty is caused due to many reasons mainly unequal distribution ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of poverty in Kenya?

Mainly in the rural parts of Kenya, is poverty, this is because of lack of clean water and/or no medical help for the ill health babies and adults.

What are the causes of Philippine national poverty?

The causes of poverty in the Philippines are varied. One of the main causes is government corruption. Organizations like the Philippine Aid Society (www.philippineaid.org) are always working to reduce poverty in the Philippines. . There are many possible causes for poverty in the Philippines and it ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of extreme poverty?

Draught which causes crop failure on monumental scale. War can also be devastating to the population of a country or geographical area. The hardest hit are the economically challenged. A government or leader that victimizes it's citizens can also be a cause of extreme poverty.

Is libya in poverty?

Yes because there current leader is taking the important needs to live and is giving the people of Libya a hard time.

Cause of poverty in Philippines?

The Philippines is poor because we are poor (we do not have enough resources for infrastructure, for basic social services, and to collect taxes and to spend wisely because of corruption) and because we are not "smart" - we have high transactions costs and we do not know how to industrialize. In ad ( Full Answer )

What are the causes and solutions to poverty in Pakistan?

Poverty in Pakistan. Pakistan is a poor country. Its economy is facing fluctuations now a day. At the time of independence Pakistan has very low resources and capital, so the processes of progress were very slow. Unfortunately the politicians of Pakistan were all not well aware of modern global sy ( Full Answer )

How poverty causes illiteracy?

poverty can cause illiteracy mainly due to lack of money andparents will not be able to send their children to school

What are some causes of poverty in Fiji?

One of the main causes of poverty in Fiji is disabilities and illnesses not allowing the locals to work. Blood born pathogens such as mrsa, tuberculosis and hepatitis B and D are rampant in the small populated area.. Also, the tropical conditions combined with the abundant natural resources result ( Full Answer )

What is the least common cause of poverty?

The least common cause of poverty is undetermined. Severaldifferent things can cause poverty for different types of people.Economic instability, natural disaster, and several other thingscan cause poverty.

What is the main root cause of poverty?

This is a matter of opinion. Here's my list (in no particular order): unemployment; poor health; and, counterproductive lifestyle choices.

What causes poverty in Yemen?

I've been to Yemen for a business trip and I was shocked to see the poverty in Yemen. Some people (rich people) in Yemen eat other people's money. Also the government need A LOT of money to renew 1 city , i can't imagine the whole town

How can poverty cause crime?

Due to the hardships which accompany poverty, crime is sometimes a direct result of impoverishment. For example, a family may not be able to purchase groceries because of low income occupations which are not enough for the basic necessities a family requires for survival. Therefore, for the sake of ( Full Answer )

Essay about poverty in the Philippines and its causes?

The moral stance of the Society of HumanKind on social difference in human society rests on the Principles of Unity and Peace. Those Principles, and other implications of the Axioms and Dogma, are applied to this aspect of our social lives in the Treatise on the Individual. The Treatise dismisses th ( Full Answer )

Does hunger and poverty cause terrorism?

Common sense would say so; however, many terrorists are well-educated children of the middle class. Hunger and poverty might help to recruit the soldiers - the ones who actually carry out the suicide attacks.

How poverty causes inequality in India?

Poverty makes poor more n more poor as they can not afford basic needs .On the other side rich remain rich. This create inequality in India .Also the income as well as standard of living of poor and rich is unequal.

Causes of the vicious circle of poverty?

Domesticle Obstacle, Lake of technlogy, Shortage of Capital,Ill-Literacy, Political Instability, Enterprenural Abilityshortage, Lake of tax, Curruption, lake of Skilled People,Exploiting Rights Of People, terrorism, Governement Policies.

How does slavery cause poverty?

A slave is a person who works without getting paid. So if there is no money to be paid, then it causes poverty or poorness.

Why is poverty a cause of economic diversity?

the poverty cause the economic diversity because a big part of sources and resources spent on poverty . One of the main reason is unequal and unjustified distribution of money parameters .

How does overpopulation cause poverty?

It causes poverty mainly when a poor family decides to make a family whilst they know that they are poor.in most cases they are mostly influenzed by the social grants that the government offers,as they think they are enough to support the family.

Does globalization cause poverty?

Globalization does not cause poverty, on the other hand, globalization lifted many people out of poverty and created a solid middle class in many developing countries. India and China are example. Globalization may have caused financial hardship for many westerners since many jobs were shipped overs ( Full Answer )

How does lack of education cause poverty?

Lack of education causes poverty because children cannot go out and make a living as they have no education in trade which is how most people make money in LEDC's. Also children cannot make money in other countries in order to bring money back as they would not be able to say even a sentence in anot ( Full Answer )

Can poverty cause poverty?

Purely in Economic context, yes, poverty can set off a vicious circle, culminating in even more poverty. It goes something like this : Poverty > Less Income > Less Consumption > Low Consumption Expenditure > Low Revenue for firms > Lesser Production > Lesser Income for Factor Inputs > Poverty Ther ( Full Answer )

Is growth of population is the cause of poverty?

yes, the growth of population is the main cause of poverty,as population increases people need food, clothes place to live and when their is a shortage of these things poverty increases

What causes poverty in Jamaica?

Based on opinion the only cause of poverty in Jamaica is politics. Large families, poor health, lack of employment and education are directly and indirectly the government's fault.

What is the cause of Libya riot?

Began February 15, 2011: They want a democratic government, they are tired of living under autocratic regimes.

What are the causes for Libya sanctions?

The regime of Moamar Gadhafi (or Kadafi, spellings vary) has been murdering large numbers of people in Libya who have been protesting against his dictatorial rule. Sanctions are designed to make it harder for him to continue to do this.

What caused the war in libya?

It is quite simple really. The libyans didn't like being bossed around, they saw on TV that all the other countries have more freedom, and they wanted the same.

What caused the current war in Libya?

It wasn't a war, more an uprising. Gaddafi was the dictator of Libya. Many people didn't like him. There was an uprising in Tunisia which overthrew their leader. Many other countries followed this example and started their own uprising

How does poverty cause aids?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Symdrome) is cause by a virus known as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus.) AIDS isn't directly caused by poverty, however poverty stricken people suffer from the disease at higher rates for many reasons. Access to education, health care providers, affordability of m ( Full Answer )

How poverty causes population growth?

The poor people have less to eat , less to wear . So they want more and more children . Those children will be working from early ages and will be feeding their family It is also a cause of child labour

Why soil erosion cause poverty?

When soil erodes, or abrades, it can wear away and ruin vegetation. If farmers, food producers, or people in third world countries depend on these crops or vegetation for food for themselves, animals, or the market, they no longer have them. Also, if the ground under a house becomes destroyed by ero ( Full Answer )

How do AIDS or HIV cause poverty?

it kills the breadwinner in a family or one can be made to retire at an early stage in life thus leading to poverty in a home or a family.

Can poverty causes corruption?

yes poverty can cause corruption. Poverty is a major cause of corruption; when a poor man in a very hungry state doesn't have to eat or money to sustain,what does he do? He begins 2think on the next line of action,what ever it takes to make or have money. It drives so many into robbery,some into pro ( Full Answer )

How can poverty cause aids Africa?

•They can't afford condoms •Women+Men sell their bodies for money because they are poor hope it helps:)

What is the cause of global poverty?

There are many causes of global poverty. The main cause is the lack of support for the needy. The saying "the richer get richer and the poorer stay poor" show the problem with the world.

What are the causes of poverty in Ireland?

For the people that are poor in Ireland, it would be the usualkinds of things like unemployment, lack of education, low levels ofincome, high expenses relative to their income etc.

What are the main causes of poverty in America?

Any listing of these causes will so severely simplify this issue asto reduce the analysis to nonsense. Poverty is an extremely complexissue and many misguided attempts to solve the problems causingpoverty have actually caused greater poverty that is then harder toget out of. Poverty is an inherent p ( Full Answer )