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It sounds like something is out of alignment and you should visit a Chiropractor. They are good at getting your spine adjusted and especially good with neck pain.

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Q: What causes right neck pain that hurts when you touch?
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What causes sore glands in neck It is the center on left side half way down Not swollen outside just hurts to the touch and makes swallowing difficult?

Probably the tonsils.

I have a gland on the left side of my neck that hurts to touch. It hurts to move my neck. I have not had any recent trauma to my neck. What could it be?

If you have a had a recent fever or cold sometimes a gland will descend in to your neck. I had the same thing after I had the flu, you're fine.

Can you touch Ball Python's neck or head?

yes you can.but not to the extent that it hurts the snake or it will defensively bite you.

The right side of my neck hurts what could it be?

just take advil.

What causes a knot in the side of the neck that hurts to touch?

If the neck has a knot that may be muscular. This could have been caused by a sudden movement of the head, thus wrenching the neck in a rapid way therefore pulling the muscle. a knot in the neck may be a lump from a lymphatic node. Go see a doctor and get it checked if it does not get better.

Had pain on the left side of your neck now its on the right side Hurts to touch?

it may be due to stifning/post fracture nerve disturbence t/t phytherpy with oral anagesic

What hurts worse neck or arm tattoo?

it depends where you have it on your arm the neck hurts more than the bottom of your arm, but the top of your arm hurts more than your neck.

Front of your neck hurts and hurts to swallow?

your neck hurting as well as your throut is because you have strep throut it goes away but strep throut is something that hurts your neck and throut at the same time.

What could a hard lump on the back of the neck at hairline be that hurts to touch with surrounding tissue very painful?

If you have a concern you should have your physician examine it for you.

If you have pain in the neck on the right side and it hurts when you push on it and you can feel the pulse right there so it's next to the jugular and it does go up into the ear what can this be?

It's not unusual to be able to feel your pulse in your neck - it contains major arteries so the pulse there is strong. There are many possible causes for neck pain. You should see either a doctor or a physiotherapist as it will be necessary to check your movement.

Your neck is always stiff and hurts?

No, my neck is fine. Thanks for asking :)

How do you self treat right side neck pain that hurts to the touch?

You should not self treat any pain you cannot diagnose. If you are not sure exactly what is causing the pain, you should see a doctor. Treatment varies according to cause.

What are the causes of neck pulsation?

what are causes of pulsating in the neck

What Causes of pain on the lower right side of neck and back of the neck?

Sounds like a neck strain and/or misalignment in the neck. Misalignments put pressure on nerves, and that causes pain. If you strained a muscle perhaps in the lower right neck it typically will affect the nerves on that side, causing neck pain in that area. For some good exercises and stretches go to this site:

How do you sleep on your neck so it hurts the next day?

When we are sleep neck up over the body high then our neck pain.

What to do if your 10 and your neck hurts?

Seek medical attention.

What pressure points are used?

the neck pressure point is a pressure point that HURTS!! there is a gap between your neck and shoulder bone if you press it hard enough it HURTS! and there is one on your neck right below your gland and my favorite that i know, you know your rib cage and how it separates, well between there if you jab it quick, hard, and accurate you stop somebody's airflow for a short amount of time and after those seconds it still hurts!!! the fastest and easiest knockout point is where the back of the head and the neck meat.

What causes sharp jabbing pains in the right side of neck?

Most likely cause of sharp "jabbing" pains in the side of the neck are muscle spasms...

How do you get rid of gas in my neck?

press on the part of your neck that hurts or is stiff and the gas will come out in the form of a belch.

Do spiders userly bite on your neck?

you need to get it checked out if it hurts

When you wake up for football practice this morning you cracked your neck like always and now your whole right neck is in sharp pain it hurts to even sit down what should you do?

go to the doctor and make sure its not serious If you don't go to the doctor, take motrin, ice it down, or massage where it hurts

Why does your neck hurts after you drink alcohol?

The reason why your neck hurts after you drink alcohol could be in relation to Hodgkin's disease. It would be wise to go and see your doctor for proper medical advice.

What would I have or not have when your neck hurts and can't move it then your stomach hurts with a lot of diary Then small migraines these all keep going on and off for 3 days?

There is a few things that could be wrong when your neck, head and stomach hurts. You could be getting a bug.

What causes pain in the right lower neck that radiates to the shoulder?

This is in the area where the pulse can be detected and is worse when exercising.

Your right side of neck and shoulder hurts what could it be?

Could be due to posture. Or, could be you are carrying a handbag or shoulderbag on that side. If that's the case, consider a backpack.