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What causes sharp headaches from laughing?

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The air that is laughed with is not trapped well enough and some of the air goes into the oxeipitial lube and that causes you to have a sharp headache.

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How do i stop pain in my head when after laughing?

I don't know. I have the same problem. My friend recommended that I stop laughing. lol. Are your headaches constant and do you have sharp pains in your head after laughing?

What are the most common causes of migraine headaches?

There are many common causes for migraine headaches. Some of the most common causes for migraine headaches are alcohol, spicy foods, and fruits are some examples.

What are some of the common causes of headaches?

One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. Other major causes of headaches include stress, heat, eye strain, and sicknesses like colds.

What causes headaches on the right hand side of the head running through to the nose?

There can be many causes for headaches on the right side of the head. These headaches can be anything from strain to sinus infections.

What causes headache after surgery?

What causes headaches a week after surgery

What causes frequently headaches?


What flower causes headaches?


Can eating ice cause headaches?

When i eat ice, it causes headaches for me... so yes :]

What causes your headaches?

The most common causes of headaches are: Dhydration and stress,To help stop it drink plenty and in times of stress try to relax.

What causes tension headaches?

Tension headaches can be caused by many things. Dehydration, stress, lack of sleep are some of the more common causes. It is best to see a doctor to diagnose your headaches, especially if they are prolonging.

What causes frequent headaches?

stress, medicines

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What causes headaches with nose bleeds?


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What actually causes headaches?

Stress and pressure

What are the causes for headaches?

Your brain receptors are feeling pain in other parts of your body, resulting in headaches.

What causes headaches and stomach cramps?

Dehydration causes stomach cramps and in most cases headaches. (these symptoms go for men & women of all ages)

What causes a sharp shooting pain in the head?

You have a headache if you have shooting pain in your head. Headaches can be caused by lack of sleep, lack of caffeine if it is a staple in your diet, head injury, or high blood pressure.

What causes extreme fatigue and headaches?

Richard for health

What causes nosebleeds followed by headaches and nausea?


What causes headaches for months?

Goodness! See a doctor!

What causes halo vision?

Sometimes migraine headaches do.

What is common name for nitrious oxide?

Laughing Gas Its often called "Laughing Gas" because it causes euphoria.

Can diarrhea cause headaches?

Yes, indirectly through dehydration. Dehydration causes nearly 90% of all headaches.

What causes pain when kneeling as if you are on something sharp?

kneeling on something sharp