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If your soil has too much clay in it, the stems will tend to be short. You need to make sure they are getting plenty of nutrients so they can grow well.

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How do you grow bearded iris?

Bearded iris is usually moved in late summer to early fall.

What do bearded iris look like?

Bearded iris have three upwards petals and three downwards sepals.

What are the types of iris?

There are bearded iris, water iris, dwarf iris, Louisiana iris, and siberian iris. There is also blackberry iris.

When do you thin out bearded iris?

Thin your iris when they are dormant in the late summer.

Why are your lavender bearded iris turning white?

One reason that your lavender bearded iris could be turning white is due to cross pollination from an iris of a different color. The iris may have also been exposed to weed killer.

What do bearded irises look like?

Bearded iris are a wonderful addition to the spring garden.

Where can someone find a bearded iris?

One can find a bearded iris from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell bearded irises include Eden Brothers and Michigan Bulb.

What are classifications of iris?

The three main types of iris for the garden are bearded, aril, and beardless. Check the American Iris Society for more information.

What is the scientific name of iris?

There are many different types of iris.I. sibirica Siberian irisI. versacolor or blue flag irisI. pseudacorus or yellow irisI. germanica or bearded irisI. fulva or Louisiana iris

Where is the pollen in the tall bearded iris?

Follow the beards to the anthers where the pollen is.

Which iris has a fragrant rhizome?

Belgian Princess, Chinook Winds, Hold My Hand, Hollywood Nights, and Sharp Dressed Man are the names of fragrant bearded iris.

What are examples of rhizomes?

Examples of Rhizomes - Calla Liles, Cannas, Bearded Iris, Water Lilies

What has the author Iris Milutinovic written?

Iris Milutinovic has written: 'I'M STILL HERE, AREN'T I? Short Stories by Iris Milutinovic'

How do you trim spent dutch iris flowers?

Cut off the spent flower stems and leave the leaves.

Do you cut the stems of Iris after the flower has bloomed and died?

yes because if you cut off the stem it will bloom again

What is the plural possessive form of iris?

The plural of iris is irises.The plural possessive of iris is irises' (apostrophe after the S).Examples:The irises' stems had all been trimmed before being placed in water.His irises' size decreased in the bright light.

What has the author Walter Stager written?

Walter Stager has written: 'Tall bearded iris (fleur-de-lis) a flower of songs' -- subject(s): Irises (Plant), Irises (Plants), Iris (Plant)

What is the use of dwarf iris?

Dwarf iris are short so they are best in the rock garden but florists use them in arrangements.

What can you substitute for orrisroot powder?

Orrisroot is the ground rhizome of a bearded iris. It is not edible. It can be replaced with vanilla bean, chamomile flowers, or angelica.

What causes eye color?

Pigment in the iris, the color of which is gentically detemined.

How do I plant irises?

Plant iris in mid- to late summer. Bearded irises have rhizomes (fleshy roots) that should be partially exposed, or thinly covered with soil in hot climates.

Where can you find a white iris flower?

Most garden catalogs which sell fall planted bulbs (daffodils, tulips, etc) sell a varity called Dutch Iris (a small bulb) which comes in dark blue, light blue, yellow and white. They are also available in most hardware stores in the fall (bag of 20 or so for $9.95). You can search for "bearded Iris" on the internet and find several reputable companies selling the larger, and more showy bearded iris, which bloom in summer i/o spring. They grow from rhizomes and not bulbs. There are several white cultivars available.

What causes discoloration of the iris?

The eye can be discolored by scarring or Wilson's disease. Check with a doctor.

Is it true that if you plant different colors of bearded iris together that the iris will eventually all come out white?

The answer is no. The color of iris will not change when they are planted with other colors. Bearded iris have individual DNA that will produce a specific color and bloom type for each individual rhizome (root). Just like your DNA makes you look like you. Your looks do not change because you mingle in a crowd of other people. Over time some iris may take over the garden because they are more hardy (dominant) than others. The not so hardy ones die out. Iris from one rhizome stock will all be alike ( this is asexual reproduction). To get a different color you need to cross pollinate two flowers that are not alike and then plant the seeds (sexual reproduction). Roxsann Elder

What rhymes with virus?

2 syllablescyrus, iris 3 syllablesdesirous, dutch iris, dwarf iris 4 syllablesbearded iris, bulbous iris, English iris, genus iris, German iris, Persian iris, retrovirus, spanish iris, stinking iris, vernal iris, yellow iris 5 syllables:dalmatian iris, florentine iris, Japanese iris 7 syllables:cytomegalovirus