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Blood clots in a period are due to blood that was stationary long enough to begin to congeal.

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Q: What causes small egg-shaped blood clots in a period?
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Blood clots during your period?

blood clots doing my period

Can blood clots delay you period?

No. Blood clots are part of a normal period.

What causes clots in your period after a tubal?

* you see blood clots which are actually clots of tissue in your menstruation -- don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

What causes blood clots within blood vessels?

Blood clots are caused by certain surgical procedures and diseases.

What is the thicker substance the blood from your period?

Blood clots

What do blood clots with your period mean?

What does it mean when you have colts with your period

Why is period blood gooey?

Because it has blood clots and womb lining in it

Y do we get blood clots in our blood?

People get blood clots for different reasons. The most common reason why people get blood clots is because there blood is to thick and cannot function right.

What infection causes black blood clots during menstration?

No, infection. The black blood clots are just old blood that didn't shed the month before.

What does it mean when you are on your period and you bleed clots of blood?

it means you are a squirrel :)

What causes large clots in your period?

Large clots can be the result of fibroid tumors which are not cancerous. See a doctor if you are concerned.

Are excessive blood clots during a womens period ok?

No excessive blood clots are not normal you should be seen by your heath care provider.