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love makes you blinda sthe old saying goes. if they see somebody they like then msot likely they will go after them and forget about you. if they like them enough you will be pushed to the back I think desire, lust, and situations getting out of hand causes cheating.It's self-control really...

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 19:18:05
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Q: What causes someone to cheat on their partner?
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What causes women to cheat?

Women cheat when they are bored with their relationship or just have an interest in someone else, but they still want their current partner.

What do you call someone who doesn't cheat?

A good partner =]] x x

What do dreams about searching for someone to cheat on your partner with mean?

The dreams suggest that on some level of your mind you are not ready to settle down with just one partner.

Is it right when you love someone but like another person?

Yes, that is fine. As long as you do not cheat on your partner with the other person whilst in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with liking someone else as well as your current partner.

What is the best way to cheat on your partner?

Why would you want to cheat on your partner? Unless he is abusive or cheating on you, if he is loyal and loving there is no point.

Can you cheat on someone?

Yes you can but that does not mean you should. ANSWER: Yes I can and would love to do it, if my boyfriend, husband, or just a partner do not make time for me.

If you could cheat and get away with it would you?

No. Cheating is selfish; hurtful and deceitful. If you love someone you do not cheat on them. If you fall out of love then one should have the guts to face their partner and tell them to their face.

Is it ever okay to cheat on your partner?


How do you say 'cheat' in French?

to cheat is 'tricher' in French - to cheat on his / her partner is 'tromper'. to cheat in business (as in 'swindle') is 'frauder' or 'arnaquer'.

Why some women cheat on their partner?

Because they found someone that treat them better or because the person that they are dating is hot but the other guy is hotter

What does it mean when your partner is cheating on you?

Individuals who are cheating have no fortitude to tell their partner they are not happy in the relationship so they would rather take the easy way out and cheat. Other individuals cheat because something is missing in their former relationship and they do not find their needs are met, but this does not make cheating right. Other individuals cheat because they are too into themselves; enjoy having more than one partner in their lives and they think they can get away with it. You will have to speak to your partner about their cheating and it is you that should realize you have the control over your relationship and can break up if your partner is not willing to resolve the problems you are having. Do not waste your energy on someone who is always cheating. Humans make mistakes and some who do cheat will feel remorseful and never do it again while others continue to cheat.

What if your partner holds hands with someone you know?

If you are dating someone that is to be monogamous then your partner should not be holding hands with someone else.

How do you cheat to my partner without any problem?

you "teach her a lesson"

Should you confront a cheating spouse?

If an individual has proof their mate is cheating then they should always confront their cheating partner, but have proof. When someone who cheats knows it's wrong (and it is) and confesses to their partner they did cheat then that person deserves another chance, but when you have to catch the mate who is cheating they will most likely cheat again and it's time for you to move on.

Did Selena Gomez cheat on someone?

no she did not cheat

What do you do if you love someone but you like someone else?

nothing is wrong if you just like someone else....... just do not cheat! discuss with your partner what and how you feel about the relationship and liking someone else. but why would you pay attention to others if you agreed to commit with the one you're with now? hmmmmmm....

If you love your partner why do you cheat?

Because you love yourself more than you live your partner.... cheating is an unrivalled display of selfishness.

Why are people cheating on each other?

People cheat as they are not satisfied with one person. They love to move with other people.

What do i do Im in love with someone who has a partner but is in an open relashioship but will not leave said partner?

Honestly... If this person won't leave their partner, then that means that they are happy. You can't force someone to leave their partner because YOU love them. Either hope and pray that eventually they do leave their partner, or try and find someone new.

Is there a cheat code that you can have houndoom as a partner Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?


What are three different types of lying?

well one of those types is when you cheat on your partner when you know that things are getting serious with someone else or when something goes incandescently wrong

Can you cheat at Yahoo spades?

Yes!!!! Cheat with partner or get card counting program! You can get the card counter program at

How do you get a Pichu for a partner Pokemon on shadows of almia?

The only way is through a cheat.

Why do pregnant women cheat?

Pregnant women cheat because they feel lonely or neglected by their partner. They are emotional & unpredictable.. they are so passionate. If their partner fails to make them feel beautiful & special they will stray & not even feel guilty.

How do you cheat on your partner?

Cheating is not a game nor a new way of life and it's cheap; irresponsible; selfish; disloyal and hurtful to the other person. There is no need to cheat if you do not love that person enough to remain loyal to them and the answer is to break up with them single or married and be mature about it. If you think you are going to get away with keeping your partner and cheating think again, because almost all cheaters eventually get caught. Most cheaters regret cheating once caught and it is to late to save what the cheater has lost ... their partner!