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Trouble with PEP BOYS?, I 'm so surprized. Sorry for the sarcasm, but you can find a happy medium between the Dollar happy dealer and the quota concious chain stores. They are called "Independent repair shops". Find one that will accept your warranty and let them handle the car. I sounds like you have several unrelated problems. Let's take them one at a time: Brake shoes: I don't know where your at with that-need more info. Running hot: You need to have the computer scanned for codes to see if there is a "rock to grab onto while your scaling up the mountain" If it yields no information, I would recommend a chemical test of the cooling system that would show if exhaust smoke is entering you cooling system. If the head or head gasket is bad, this test usually will confirm this. It would explain the steam from the tail pipe. However, The gasket or head may not only be an addition problem but may also be a symptom of another problem. A head gasket or cracked head is commonly caused by overheating, Overheating is caused by many things. Is there a coolant leak? Is the a sensor that is giving the computer bad info, Is there a cooling fan not working, Is there a obstruction is the cooling system? Is there weak coolant or too concentrated coolant? Need to find someone you can have confidence in. Talk to someone that is happy with their independent garage and let them have at it. You need someone that can communicate well. This is important to you understanding what is happening. Hearing a bump: I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I can fell a bump, but I can't hear a bump. I would be willing to bet that your right rear spring is broke. Don't be surprized when the warranty company only wants to pay for one. You should do both sides and replace the struts at the same time. You can get lifetime warrantied parts through a independent garage. Dealer is 12,000 miles/12 monthe warranty only. Lastly, the brake pedal clicking: Need to stick your head under the dash and press the pedal with your hand. Feeling around for the vibration when it clicks to determine the source. Let me know how you make out on all of these issues, Thanks, Paul

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Q: What causes steam to come from the tailpipe?
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What causes water to come out of the tailpipe of a Ford Expedition when turned off?

Most gasolines have a high water content,When they are burned in the engine the water turns to steam and goes out the exhaust.As the exhaust system cools off, the steam condenses and water can run out of the tailpipe

What causes water to come out of the tailpipe?

You have a blown head gasket.

What causes black smoke to come out of the tailpipe?

Excess fuel causes black smoke.

Why does steam come from tailpipe until car heats up?

It is NOT steam it is vapor, the same as looking over a lake when the ambient temperature is cooler then the lake water

What causes white smoke to come out of tailpipe of a 1998 cadillac northstar sls?

Headgaskets or Stripped Head Bolts

What causes white smoke and oil dripping out thr tailpipe?

oil getting by the rings causes white smoke and oil dripping out of the tailpipe.

Does the transmission make smoke come out of the tailpipe?

No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

Why does steam come out of the tailpipe of a 2005 Mazda RX8 1.3 Rotary motor it has no head gaskets?

Steam? RX8 normally smokes from the rich fuel mixture. When you turn the car off, especially when it is cold, it steams.

What causes the tailpipe to release white smoke?


What causes blue tailpipe smoke?

You are burning oil.

Cracked head gasket symptoms?

Steam (White Smoke) coming from the tailpipe is the #1 indicator.

Would a bad head gasket cause loss of oil to come out the tailpipe?

No. A bad head gasket would cause water to come out the tailpipe. You will see white smoke. Leaky rings would cause oil to come out the tailpipe. You will see blue smoke.

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