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What causes steam to come through your vents inside the car?


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2015-07-17 17:40:47
2015-07-17 17:40:47

I would think if steam is coming from your vents that you have a leaking or defective heater core and or one of its components and in most cases the water leaking from the core can be found in the floor board on the passsenger side and this needs to be fixed right away due to engine coolant loss and the possiblity of engine damage from overheating. Also if the air conditioner developes a leak it could be mistaken for steam however if the freon is lost the ac will quit. , EzForJesus

heater core..


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If the vents are inside the cab of the truck, this could mean you have blown your heater core.

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The magma gushes out and then it flows every where. The volcano has vents that let air come out. When the vents open steam/ smoke comes out of those vents.

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could be a leaking heater core ( Steam ) . Depends on WHAT KIND OF SMOKE. Is it steam or smoke. Smoke like something burning could be oil. electrical, etc

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You need to check and/or replace the heater core

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