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The gaining Of Weight Which Makes your Body /Skin To Strech

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Q: What causes stretchmarks?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Stretchmarks - 1996?

The cast of Stretchmarks - 1996 includes: Veena Sud as herself

How can you reduce the appearance of stretchmarks in a short period of time?

Makeup or laser is the only thing I can think of. Stretchmarks are not fun to have but they get paler in time.

Is there a cure for stretchmarks?

No, as much as you would want to belive there is not a cure for stretchmarks. However, you may buy creams such as cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. These oils and creme will smooth out the stretchmarks and help to make them less noticeable.

What if you have stretchmarks as a teen?

Having stretchmarks as a teenager doesn't mean anything bad and you certainly shouldn't be worried nor self conscious of it. When you are a teen parts of your body can grow rather quickly which causes you skin to stretch at a rapid pace which cause stretch marks. Almost every teen has stretch marks, it's normal.

How do you get rid stretchmarks?

Dont get pregnant say no to sex!

Why do you get stretch mark on your hips and sides?

Stretchmarks are caused by gaining weight to fast,pregnancy or obesity.Other known causes are gaining muscle, losing weight to fast and it's believed to be hereditary.I believe that a lot of girls get stretchmarks on their hips and sides while going through puberty because your body is growing and developing in those areas quickly.

Can you be born with stretchmarks?

No because your skin has not yet been stretched.

How long are you supposed to put cocoa butter on stretchmarks?

about 2 weeks

Can you remove stretchmarks without surgery?

rub 100% coca butter on them. it works.

What can you do about hideous stretchmarks?

I think if you rub cocoa butter creme on them or use and otc creme like Mederma that will help reduce the visiblity of your stretchmarks Use cocoa butter, or vitamin E, or just wear them with pride and love since bringing a child into the world is what put them there.

What are stretchmarks?

They are black lines around u and can be found anywere in ur body if u are over weight .

Are there any words with four consanants in a row I can only think of thyme?

strength, stretchmarks, hitchhiker, rhyme, thymus

How do you lose stechmarks?

Main reasons for stretchmarks are sudden gain or loss in weight, rapid growth, heredity factors, stress and changes in physical conditions and pregnancy.Castor oil,aloe vera,lemon juice,potato juice and egg whites are some of the things which can be applied to get rid of stretchmarks.

How do you get rid of breast stretchmarks?

eboni mincey lakewood nj. ps: if you have any more questions my aim is hotticutie4 and I have a myspace page!!

Why do strechmarks occur?

Stretchmarks occur because your skin was once bigger than it is now. Usually they occur after pregnancy, but can also occur after a successful diet. Skin loses its elasticity as we get older, so a pregnant 19 year old is more likely to lose the stretchmarks than a 48 year old who has just dropped 70 pounds after stomach stapling surgery. They can also occur as a symptom to hormonal imbalance. I advise a visit to a cosmetic dermatologist to establish that they are indeed stretchmarks and not something else, and ask about whether laser surgery could help.

How do you get rid of stretchmarks?

You can't get rid of stretch marks. You can only make them less noticeable by using a lotion or cream containing Cocoa Butter.

What is the physical sign that a woman had already give birth to a child?

The missing hair, the black under the eyes, stretchmarks, easily irritated state.

How do you get rid of strechmarks?

You can get rid of stretchmarks. You usually grow out of them. I am sure nobody can see them so just don't be self conscious and enjoy your life!

How do you get rid of growth stretchmarks?

Bio oil, you can't permently get rid of them, but you can make them really faint. It may take some time but be paitient!

Will a man date a woman with stretchmarks?

Well yeah he will if hes not judgmental about it. If a woman has kids most likely shes gonna have stretch marks! But not all of them will.

Does lotion help a bruise heal?

yes , but it depends on what type of lotion you use. Shea or cocoa butter is good for marks, scars, stretchmarks, etc.

Can you get rid of stretchmarks without surgery?

Not, really. You can lessen their appearance, make them smaller and less visible with some lotions and cosmetics. But, they will fade naturally over time.

Is it normal for a girl to have stretchmarks?

Well yes. Either from pregnancy or simply being "large" if the skin is pulling and your scratching or something of the like, stretch marks appear!

What is the best way to get stretchmarks to go away?

for me time worked but ive heard that cocoa butter works for me time worked but ive heard that cocoa butter works

What is the best oil for scars from Chickenpox?

Im not sure if you are from UK/us but in the UK there is a oil called bio oil which is very good at getting rid of scars and stretchmarks