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Coolant sensor is shot. Replace with new one.

AnswerThe reed switch may be stuck. My 98 Grand Am coolant tank ran dry last week when my lower intake manifold gasket started to leak. Fixed the leak and refilled the tank only to see the coolant light still on. Tapped the switch/sensor on the bottom OS the tank with a rubber mallet so the magnetic float could loosen up and float back up. Sure enough, turned on the ignition and light was out.
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What causes the low coolant light to come on a 1997 mercury cougar xr7 even though the reservoir is filled correctly?

When the low coolant warning light comes on and the car has enough coolant, it usually means there is a problem with the coolant level sensor system. The sensor may need to be replaced.

What causes low coolant light to come on?

Low coolant level.

What causes the low coolant light to go on?

when u have low coolant

What are the most common causes of the Low Coolant light on a 2002 Chevy Silverado?

Low coolant

What causes coolant light to stay on on a 2002 buick century?

Low coolant? Bad sensor?

Why is the low coolant light flashing in your 2000 Pontiac grand prix se if the coolant recovery tank and radiator are filled?

its a dance party

Flashing Low coolant light on a 1998 Chevy voyerger i had the radiator flushed and filled and light is still on.?

change your thermostat.

Why wont the low coolant light go off after its been filled?

Perhaps a defective sensor?

What causes Coolant indicator light to come on when you first start your car?

Check to coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and radiator when engine is cold

What causes coolant light to flash on an off on a 97 Pontiac grand prix?

low antifreeze , or faulty coolant sensor .

What causes the coolant light to stay on on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

I'm having to guess it's the low coolant light? Possible coolant switch in the overflow bottle is dirty or defective., Is it low on coolant? Possible wiring issue to sensor.

Why does your coolant light stays on all the time on your 2000 ford mustang?

have you filled up your coolant if so its the computer chip unplung your battey cable for fifteen minutes

What causes the low coolant light to stay on?

Assuming your coolant level isn't actually low, it's most likely a bad sensor

What causes the check coolant light to come on and off?

Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.Coolant level low or level sensor malfunction.

Why does coolant light come on for 1997 cavalier already changed water pump filled coolant?

If it's overheating, it cold be thermostat, radiator or possibly other problems. If it's not overheating it could be the coolant level sensor.

How do you get the low coolant light to go out. Flushed and filled radiator replaced thermostat low coolant light still on is there anything else to check?

Sometimes the sensor will go bad but try removing it first and cleaning the inside of the sensor. They sometimes get filled with crud from not flushing or old coolant, etc. It's located in the tank on the passenger side so removing the battery first helps.

What causes the coolant temperature gauge to be in the red zone and the check engine light is not on?

The engine is overheating. The check engine light is not on because you have no problem with the emissions system which this light monitors.

How do you reset the coolant low light in a 1995 buick roadmaster limited i just flushed and filled it?

Factory manual says that the light should go out on its own after three cycles of warm-up and cool down. If it doesn't then check the coolant level when it's cold and fill to the "full cold" mark on the coolant recovery tank.

The water light and check engine light came on in your mercury marquis 1998 and the water gauge went up when you turned on the air conditioner it went down but your check engine light is still on?

it sounds like your primary coolant fan has quit and when you turn your A/C on it causes your secondary coolant fan to turn on and then cools the coolant in your radiator!

What happens if the D light is flashing on a 2004 Honda CR-V?

Mine went nut. After I filled up the coolant reservoir, the D light stopped flashing. Good luck!!

On a Mercedes-Benz C-Class how do you shut off the coolant level warning if the radiator is full?

The coolant light should be going out when the system is filled. The sensor itself or the float system is probably bad.

What causes the low coolant light to stay on a 1996 Chevrolet beretta?

There is a sensor in the side of the radiator that is most likely defective.

How do you turn off the low coolant light on a 2002 Alero?

Add coolant to the reservoir. If the low coolant light still stays on, replace the low coolant sensor.

Reservoir light popped up on your 2007 dodge charger why is that?

Reservoir light? You mean low coolant light. Low coolant level means the reservoir is low of coolant.

What causes the low coolant light to come on constantly on a 1997 olds achieva?

Low on coolant? defective sensor should be located on back side of radiator approx. 1/3 down from top