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A small diameter vacuum tube that controls the vents becomes brittle and breaks. Open the hood and look for a tee connection behind a canister on the passenger side. This tube runs over the motor and connects to a port just to the right of the throttle body. You will need to remove the air intake cover to get to it. Takes 15 min. to replace. (Only if you do not have AC) The port has an elbow that you just won't have access to. (GM doesn't want the public fixing anything due to union design greed and corporate roll over, and they all wonder why they are history) Much easier than opening the dog house. Unless you have AC if so, hey change the plugs to 3 point ignition gap plugs and give it a new lease on life.

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Q: What causes the air conditioner and heater to blow only on the windshield and floor with very little coming through the vents on a '97 Astro van?
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What causes gas fumes coming through air vent of a 97 Chevy cavalier?

Leak in exhaust system perhaps exhaust manifold being sucked in through air intake (grid at lower end of windshield)

Why does my 2000 ford expedition have a moldy smell coming from the vents?

Air conditioner drain line stopped up or windshield seal leak that covers 99% of the reasons

What should you do if rain is coming in through driver's side at the bottom behind gas and brake pedal?

It is probably comming from the windshield. Have someone run water on the windshield and check it inside with a flashlight.

What causes an engine to backfire through intake coming off idle?

Out of time.

How can you stop water coming inside windshield of a 1994 gran cherooke Laredo?

Have the windshield removed and retapped.

How do you remove car windshield scratches?

Rule of thumb, if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it ain't coming out, replace the windshield.

Why water is coming out of split air conditioner unit?

That is condensation and it is normal for water to come out of an air conditioner in the back of it.

Why is your air conditioner only coming out of the defrost in the car?

It have battery

Smell coming from reverse cycle air conditioner?

A smell coming from a reverse cycle air conditioner may be a signal that the filter needs to be cleaned. A smell like engine exhaust might be present if the air conditioner motor is in need of repair.

How do you keep air from coming into house through air conditioner?

Put a large plastic trash bag over it on the outside of the house and secure it with duct tape.

Why is fog coming from car vent?

The air conditioner is low on refrigerant.

How can you stop rain water coming through the firewall and soaking the passenger side carpet in a 2000 Suburban?

You probably have a bad heater core. Find where it is coming from. You probably have debris stopping up the drain below the windshield.

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