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What causes the brake lights remain on?

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Bad brake switch. Typically located at the top of the brake pedal.

2006-07-19 20:36:38
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What causes brake lights of 1994 Toyota Corolla to remain on?

Defective or mis-adjusted brake light switch

What causes no tail lights?

I have a 03 gran prix and my brake lights doesn't come on when I go to brake

Why do your brake lights remain on when you have the lights on but work just fine when they are off?

This usually means a bad or wrong bulb in the tail lights

What causes the brake lights to fail when all other lights are working fine?

The BOO (Brake On/Off) Switch may need to be replaced. If it is bad, it would cause the brake lights to NOT illuminate when the brake pedal is applied.

Why do the rear brake lights remain on the 92 Honda LX?

Brake light switch needs adjusting or replacement.

What causes in my Dodge 2500 anti lock and brake idiot lights to remain on?

2nd Gen. Ram Antilock brake lightIt is usually a sensor on top of the rear differential that causes the antilock and parking brake lights to remain on. There are some electical wires that plug into the front of it and it has a probe that goes into the differential. It also has a bracket that holds the brake lines in place. Removal of the spare tire gives ample room to gain access. Some times cleaning the probe fixes the problem, usual it is best to replace it compleatly.

Your brake light sw is working and your brake lights still remain on for your 1992 Mazda Protege?

Switch is defective or out of adjustment.

What would be the causes of brake lights not working on a mustang?

That the lights need fixing maybe?? That the lights need fixing maybe??

What causes brake lights of a 1998 Toyota Corolla to remain on?

There is a rubber piece missing near your brake pedal. My friend had the same problem and his mechanic just put a small rubber piece there. Not exactly sure what it's called..

What causes no brake lights 1999 dodge ram have flashers turn and running lights?

Possibly blown fuse, bad brake light switch, or blown brake light bulbs.

Center brake light works side brake lights do not work 2000?

its gotta be a ford a problem with the center brake light circuit causes the lights to go out i believe it is a diode

What would cause brake and tail lights to remain on after the engine is turned off?

There's a switch that the brake pedal engages when pressed that makes the brake lights go on. this switch may be stuck.Or the peddle staying on switch

What causes your tail lights and parking lights not to work but turn signals headlights and brake lights work?

Fuse, wiring, bulbs

What causes the brake lights to work when the headlights are off but when you turn the headlights and running lights on the brake lights go off on a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?

Often this type of behavior is caused by a bad ground for the lighting circuit. Check the ground circuit for the brake lights.

On a 1991 Chevrolet what would cause brake lights to remain on when car is switched off?

Check the brake switch located on your brake pedal shaft. May have to be replaced.

What else causes brake lights not to work?

fuses are blown, or bulbs are blown

What causes the brake lights not to work 1998 Lincoln town car?

Bulbs, wiring, fuse, brake light switch.

What causes the shifter to not come out of park on a 2000 Pontiac grand prix?

possably the switch at the brake? do your brake lights work??

91 accord stuck in park and brake lights or horn does work why?

the parking brake may be stuck and that causes the brakes to lock up completely, and the horn and lights will stick work if the parking brake is stuck.

What is the name of the small rubber piece that is located under the brake pedal that turns off the tail lights?

The part of the car that turns on the brake lights when you apply pressure to the brake pedal is called the brake switch. Releasing pressure from the pedal causes the brake switch to break its electrical contact, turning off the lights.

What causes a PT cruiser fog lights to remain on?

A failed switch is a common cause.

Why won't Grand marquis 2005 brake lights turn off?

Regardless of vehicle make, model, or age, when vehiclcle brake lights remain on when the brake pedal is not depressed, the cause is that the linkage between the brake system and the switch is improperly adjusted, OR less commonly, a defective switch.

What causes the brake lights to stay lit after the brake pedal is released?

manualy lift brake pedal to see if they go out. if so check spring at pedal

What causes the brake lights to stay on on a Mercedes Benz c220?

a mis adjusted brake light switch could cause that fault.

Daewoo brake lights?

Yes, it has brake lights.