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Exaporaization and boiling are examples of vaporization.

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Does evaporation cause a chemical change?

No, evaporation causes a change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) which is a physical change

What causes matter to change its state?

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

Changing causes a change in state?

Matter causes a change in state

What is the change of matter from gas to liquid?

The change of state of matter from a gas to a liquid is called condensation.

When a matter change from gas state to liquid state?

When a matter changes from a gas to a liquid it is called condensation.

What is change of state?

This a change of the state of matter: examples: - solid to liquid - liquid to gas - gas to plasma

What happens when a substance changes state from a solid or liquid?

This change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) is called freezing.This change in the state of matter (solid to liquid) is called melting.They are physical change, the chemical nature of the molecules is not changed.

Which state of matter can change it's shape but not it's volume?

A liquid is a state of matter that can change its shape but not its volume

What causes matter to be in a solid liquid or gas state?

Generally the temperature of the material. Pressure can change the temperatures at which transformations occur.

How does matter changes its state?

the matter can change into liquid, solid and gas.

How fusion change state of matter?

Because melting is a change of state: from solid to liquid.

What is the change of matter from a liquid to solid is called?

When matter changes from a liquid to a solid the change of state is called "freezing." When it changes from solid to liquid it is called "melting".

What causes a change in state from liquid to gas?

thats evaporation and heat causes it

The change from the liquid to the gas state of matter is called?

This change of state can be called boiling or evaporation.

Why is churning a chemical change?

Souring milk causes a chemical change because it changes its state of matter (from a liquid to a semi-solid), and it grows bacteria. When milk sours it causes a permanent change, therefore making it a chemical change.

How can matter be change from a liquid to a solid?

Matter changes from a liquid state to a solid state through solidification, or freezing. For example, liquid water freezes to become ice.

What is the difference between state of matter and change of state?

change of state is when the different states of matter are changed into one another. states of matter are gas, liquid, plasma and solid.

Is there loss of heat during change of state of matter from liquid to gas?

Yes there must be achange;but heat is required to change liquid state into gaseous state.

The change from the gaseous to the liquid state of matter?

Condensing, condensation, from gas to liquid state. (The reverse is evaporation or boiling)

What are ways heat can change matter?

If you add heat to matter, it can either get it hotter, or it can change the state of matter (for example, from solid to liquid).

What state of matter is liquid water?

The state of matter of liquid water is liquid.

What is a change from a more condensed to a less condensed state of matter?

A change from a more condensed to a less condensed state of matter can be referred to as a dilution if the matter in question is put into liquid. If a liquid changes to a gas it is called vaporization.

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