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What causes the door locks to not work from the inside and the interior lights not to come on?


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2005-11-30 15:10:29
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Check a fuse called "courtesy" or "Interior" or something like that. It depends on the auto manufacturer.

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just had this problem with my 2002 durango, the mechanic ran it on the computer and nothing showed up so he disconnected the battery and then reconnected it and everything works now. The headlights, locks, panel lights, interior lights, locks, rear wipers all run through the body assembly moduale. Hope this helps you.

On a Dodge vehicle it is the computer that controls the interior lights, locks, etc...

The door chime is located inside the driver's side door. It is part of an instrument cluster that controls the interior lights, locks, and alarm.

A blown fuse or a damaged computer would cause the turn signals, interior lights, and door locks not to work in the Mazda 3. The fuses are located under the dash on the driver's side of the car.

yes, it is a fuse it will be labled int. lights/ horn on the fuse box

It is the computer in charge of interior lights and power door locks.

Locks, wipers, lights, most interior functions, theft, parts of the hvac etc

It depends on the vehicle , but some common are , the speedometer, gauges , the door locks and power windows. Also the interior lights and radio.

It controls most of the interior electronics such as lights, wipers, locks, theft alarm, etc.

If the room fuse is blown out; the radio will not work, the power locks will not work properly, the vanity mirror lights will not work, the interior lights and trunk light will not turn on.

As I know it is for electric windows, electric dooor locks and alarm. Might also control interior lights.

Wipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equippedWipers, door locks, lights, alarm if equipped

if removed and replaced properly the interior locking button should always work.

Depends of course on the vehicle but there are different fuses for the locks than the lights. My suggestion is to open the door so the lights are on and pull relays from the fuse block under the hood till they go out. This should disable both auto locks and dome lights.

The door switches are located inside the door locks. If your having any problems with them. for example your interior lights / running board lights exc, are staying on . spray some WD-40 on all the door jams including the rear door hatch and glass. this should take care of problem.

Yes. It will be bundled in with other interior accessories.

I believe you just lock and unlock it using the keyless entry, if available. If not, try the power locks.

Fuse number 23 in the passenger compartment box is blown. It caused the following devices to stop working: Door lock switches (but not the locks), Interior lights, radio lights, A/C climate control, overhead console quit.

The IOD fuse it is located under the hood in the PDC(Power Distribution Center)usually next to the battery.

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