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Bad gauge, stuck sending unit in tank, grounded signal wire

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How check if fuel pump is bad on avalanche?

When the ignition is first turned on you should hear the pump start up. If you do then the pump is getting power. There is a port on the fuel rail where you can put a gauge to see if the pump is putting out pressure.

How do you reset the fuel capacity gauge on Audi A4?

Low battery and when attempting to start car ran battery further down. Date and time went to default settings and fuel gauge registered empty. Charged battery. Fuel gauge still showing nothing. Picked up answer from Audiworld post. Removed fuse 15 (instrument cluster) & 28 (fuel pump), turned on ignition or to start the car - might not start, but mine did), put fuses back in. Fuel gauge now correct.

Why does my Fuel gauge works erratically on 2002 Ford Taurus?

The fuel sending unit is sticking, or the wiring to the gauge is loose. These are the two most common causes of an erratic gauge.

Could the fuel gauge have a blown fuse?

Most vehicles have one fuse that protects all the gauges so if the fuel gauge is the only one not working, the fuse is probably okay. Most causes for a inop fuel gauge is a faulty fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank.

If the Fuel gauge is not working after fitting new fuel pump what could the causes be?

a bad ground

Should fuel level gauge go to e when you turn the key off on a 1992 dodge Dakota?

Yes. The fuel gauge in most vehicles will settle at 'empty' with the ignition off.

What could be the problem with 98 blazer when the temp gauge fuel gauge radio and blower motor doesn't work?

Check ignition switch

What is the fuel pressure for a 2002 impala?

Fuel pressure (ignition key turned to on, engine not running): 50 to 60 psi

Why does the fuel pump run continuously on a 1991 suburban when ignition is turned off?

Need to replace fuel pump relay.

What causes diesel car continues to run after ignition turned off?

The most likely cause is the continuous supply of fuel to the cylinders owing to the supply pump, which is electrical, not switching off.

What causes fuel gauge to rise and fall upon acceleration?

The fuel sloshes back & forth as you accelerate.

Why does my car engine continue to run after the ignition has been turned-off?

I believe this usually this happens if the fuel / air mixture is not rich enough (too much air / too little fuel) which causes the cylinder heads to get too hot which means that any unburnt fuel in the cylinders will continue to ignite even after the ignition has been cut.

Where is1984 Pontiac fiero fuel gauge relay?

There is no relay for the fuel gauge. It is powered directly off the ignition switch. The fuel pump relay is behind the driver in the engine compartment on the fire wall just forward of the air cleaner.

What causes the fuel gauge to malfunction on 99 Chevy blazer even if you change the pump in the fuel tank?

Defected fuel pump sending unit. The #1 cause is that the sulfur in todays gas coats the fuel leveling sensor and causes the fuel gauge to act up. It is a common problem that is starting to take place.

Are there sensors on ignition which causes the fuel filter to start pumping?

No, the filter can not pump. It is a filter.

What causes my Ford Mondeo engine still to run when ive switched off the ignition?

probably timing or valves. cylinders getting too hot which is igniting fuel that is left after it has been turned off

1996 dodge intrepid wont start?

If the 1996 Dodge Intrepid will not start, there might be an issue with the battery or the starter. This could also be a problem with the solenoid or the fuel gauge or fuel pump. The problem and the fix will vary depending on whether the car is completely dead or is cranking when the ignition is turned.

What causes the fuel gauge to fluctuate on 1998 Izusu?

When you turn a corner the guage fluctuates.

How do you test the fuel pressure on a 1996 s10 2.2 cylinder?

On the engine there is a test port located on the fuel rail. A fuel pressure gauge can be attached to it. A test gauge can be purchsed from your local auto parts store. With gauge attached, cycle ignition key on and off several times. Fuel pressure should peak between 41 and 47 psi.

Is there supposed to be fuel pressure while ignition is turned?

there is always fuel pressure even the car is on or not, u will need to release fuel pressure before doing any thing in the fuel line

Can a bad fuel pump cause your car not to start?

There are many causes for a car not to start. One of the causes can be the fuel pump which pumps fuel into the carburetter to spray into the ignition chamber.A bad pump may not pump the fuel into the carburetter .

How do you bleed fuel system of the Ford Mondeo tdci 04 i changed the high pressure pump is there a lift pump?

Hi, there is a lift pump in the tank, it is a fuel gauge sender & lift pump combined in 1 unit. I have changed 1 on a focus & mondeo tomorrow because no fuel being fired to the filters when ignition turned on.

How to fix a fuel gauge on a 1997 dodge ram 1500?

The normal causes of an inoperative fuel gauge is the sending unit in the tank. Since the truck is 15+years old you might as well replace the fuel pump when you have the fuel tank removed.

What is a fuel gauge?

A gauge for measuring fuel in a tank.

How do you reset the fuel gauge on a 1992 Cadillac De Ville?

Reset a fuel gauge? There is not reset for a fuel gauge.