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the fuse box in the old 240z always melt when they get old because of corossion in the elictrical systems connections .I fixed mine by replacing the old fuse box with a new improved one from motorsport.Does not get hot anymore and works great Ken

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What is fusing current?

The fusing current is a value of current that causes the fuse to melt and interrupt the flow of current. Usually, reference is made to the minimum fusing current which is the smallest value of current that will cause the fuse to melt.

What must be replaced after too much current flowing through it causes it to melt?

Hopefully it's a fuse.

How can people help the tundra?

We can help by not polluting the area where tundra is and we use less electricity and such to prevent global warming, which causes the ice caps to melt.

What effect does adding devices have on the resistance of a series circuit?

Many circuits have safety devices such as fuse. A fuse contains a substance that melts if it gets hot. if a short circuit happens, the heat causes the fuse to melt. The circuit is broken. because the current stops ,no damage is done.

Why when Turning off lights does the fuse blow and melt?

there's a short in the wiring or in the fuse box

What causes chocolate to melt?

heat ...

What causes crayons to melt?


What does fuse mean in science?

Fuse comes from the Latin and means melt, (or pour). So when we melt a salt it becomes fused. (As in pottery glazes.) Similarly it can mean mixed together. And a fusible link in an electrical circuit is called a fuse.

What causes matter to melt?

Heat energy causes matter to melt. The energy breaks bonds in the matter making looser constructions of the material.

Which form of energy causes an ice cube to melt?

Heat energy causes ice cube to melt. The molecular space increases on melting.

What causes a solid to melt?

fire/heat makes matter expand the melt away

What causes ice cream melt?

Heat causes any frozen liquid to melt. When a liquid is frozen, all of the atoms come together. When that frozen liquid is heated up, all of the atoms move away from each other which causes it to melt.

What Precautions must be taken when using fuses?

the fuse protection feature should be adapted to overload characteristics of protected objects, considering the possible short-circuit current, choose corresponding fuse breaking capacity;2, fuse to be adapted to line voltage level, the rated voltage of rated current of the fuse is greater than or equal to the rated current melt;3, line fuse melts at all levels in the rated current to the corresponding coordination, keeping the level of the melt must be greater than the rated current level of the melt under the rated electric current;4, fuse melts to use combination according to the requirement of the melt, not allowed to increase the melt or other conductor instead of the melt.

What causes polar ice caps to melt?

Melting of the ice caps Global warming causes the ice caps to melt. As they melt, the moving water corrodes at the remaining ice, speeding up the process.

What causes ice caps to melt?


What causes a glacier to melt?

global warming

Causes for the ice caps to melt?


What causes the snow to melt?

water and heat

What in chocolate ingridient causes it to melt?


Causes of glaciers to melt?

high temperature

What causes a glacier to begin to melt?


Why does salt melt in ice?

Salt doesn't melt in ice. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Which causes the ice to melt.

Why is it dangerous to replace a fuse with a wire that bypass the fuse?

The wire may not melt and break if an unsafe current is produced.

What is to melt or fuse metal in order to separate the metallic components?


What causes snow to melt in spring?

The sun rays (heat) from the sun melt away the snow. The snow has to be cold to remain snow or it will melt.