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The correct answer is air pollution.

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What causes the haze in Singapore?

The haze in Singapore is mostly due to forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia.

What causes arctic haze?

aerosols and soot from air polution

What causes haze?

i don't know i think its something that has rain

What causes the haze to form?

Pollution created by society and nature rises into the air, and along with the reaction of the sun on ground level atmosphere and the creation of ozone (O3) causes the haze and air pollution.

What causes a haze around the moon?

Tiny ice crystals in the stratosphere.

How is haze related to global warming?

Haze is often associated with pollution in the air. Since global warming causes more air pollution, haze is seen more than it was a few decades ago.

Why is the Indian ocean polluted?

Heavy rainfall (usually during India's monsoon season) around the many rivers flowing into the Indian ocean are the main cause. When flooding occurs, many types of debris both man-made and natural flow into the rivers, which then flow to the ocean. Additionally, many of the more remote areas in India do not have proper trash pick-up, or covered dumpsites, which adds to the problem. A very interesting study was done by Ramamthan in 1999 about the Indian ocean (See "indian Ocean Experiment" by Scripps Institute of Oceanography). Scientists found that there was a huge cloud of air pollution over the northern Indian ocean. They describe it as "a thick, brown haze", extending in some areas up to 3 km above the surface of the ocean. They studied the polluted matter to determine the cause and composition of the pollution. They found aerosols, soot, sulfates, nitrates, and mineral dust among other things. In short, the haze was mostly from partially burned fuels.

Is purple haze about LSD?

No, it's about a dream Jimi had about walking on the bottom of the ocean...really...

What is the relationship between ozone and smog?

Smog is a brown haze that causes harmful chemicals such as ozone.

What nicknames does Madison Haze go by?

Madison Haze goes by Maddie Haze.

What is the definition of haze?

haze is a kind of mist

What is the verb form of haze?

The word haze is a noun. The verb form of the word haze would be hazing.

How do you make sentence with haze?

The sun shone but there was a haze about.

Whats the best marijuana?

silver haze, its a mix between white widow and purple haze. pruple haze is what Jimi Hendrix smoked and thus the song purple haze.

What cities have haze?

what cities have haze because its on my science question!

How tall is Ashley Haze?

Ashley Haze is 165 cm.

How tall is Autumn Haze?

Autumn Haze is 5' 11".

How tall is Madison Haze?

Madison Haze is 5' 4".

How tall is Rafaela Haze?

Rafaela Haze is 5' 7".

How tall is Scarlet Haze?

Scarlet Haze is 5' 8".

Did jimi Hendrix smoke purple haze?

purple haze can be a reference to marijuana or an effect you can have on lsd where everything is in a colored haze.

What are the effects of smoking Hawaiian haze?

I've smoked Hawaiian haze many times and its about the same as purple haze and orange haze there is not different health effects (just more expensive and watch were you get it from

Do Alpha kappa alpha haze?

no no... no one is allowed to haze, its forbidden

Is Blac Haze 2pac?

No, Blac Haze is not Tupac Amaru Shakur.

What is the color of haze?

the colour of haze is purple. the colour of hazel is brown.

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