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Questioner, For the firing order, please click on the link on the right. Deb


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Some girls dont even feel sick when they have their period but some girls do. If you just started your period it's probably because you are still getting used to the changes.

A half or period is 45 minutes with additional minutes added for stoppage. Which can make a period up to 50 or more minutes.

See the related link on what causes brown discharge after period.

1st Period: 3 minutes2nd & 3rd Period: 2 minutes

In professional hockey there is 20 minutes a period in smaller leagues it varies.

It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you started your period straight after sex

Third period starts 40 minutes into the game and lasts 20 minutes.

The difference between the rose period and the blue period is that the rose period started when Pablo found the love of his life, but the blue period started when his best friend died.

Your weight has nothing to do with your period. Your period happens because you started puberty and your cycle started. Don't worry about your weight, your period will happen no matter what you weigh.

a period is caused by the interaction of hormones and puberty.

I am not sure. I started my period when I weighed about 100 pounds i was 75 pounds when i started

The Tudor period started at 1485

TV timeouts occurs after the first deadball situation after 16 minutes left in the period, 12 minutes left in the period, 8 minutes left in the period, and 4 minutes left in the period. Should a team call a time out during a period and the broadcaster go to commercial, one of the TV timeouts is deleted from the schedule.

The fact that you haven't done it when you do you get a massive period VAGINA!

That is fine that you have started your period. It can range from the ages 8-16 so i wouldn't worry about it.

You have not started your period because you either are too young, do not have enough body fat, or you are pregnant. It Depends.

the answer is 13 minutes and 5 seconds that is all. PERIOD.

No. If you haven't yet started your period, it means that you haven't yet started to ovulate. So, you can have babies yet.

You may of started your period early. All you can do is wait and see if this turns into a normal period. Or do a pregnancy test in a few days time.

it really depends on when you have your period,age and when you firstv started

It doesn't necassarily mean anything, just that your body hasn't quite hit that mark. If the history of women in your family have all had periods at a ""late"" age, that could be a reason why you haven't gotten to that stage yet. I was 15 and a half when i started my period. I felt a bit worried at the time but when i eventually started i realised i was lucky i hadn't started at a young age. Its not nice :(

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