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The noise when there's an earthquake is when the buildings fall or the thunder or the shaking

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An earthquake is accompanied by noise because the earth's surface is breaking apart creating noise.because I farted

an earthquake is accompanied by noise because as the crest breaks apart it forms an earthquake and as the crest is still breaking it adds noise

the three main causes of earthquake are:-

because of resonance under crust

earthquake No, not earthquake, but changes in atmospheric pressure.

When tectonic plates collide an Earthquake is created.

Earthquake causes fracture of the ground.

An underwater earthquake.

an earthquake cause it causes more devastation.

The fault is what causes an earthquake by sliding together, making friction.

The deeper the earthquake, the more damage it causes. This is all due the the diffraction and spreading of the waves.

the earthquake made a noise like a rumbling truck on the highway=> that's a simile to describe it??

The movment does cause the rattle of buildings shaking as well.

are you sure is a valve noise?? or is a piston slap?

will tires make noise if there choppy on inside

A surface wave is caused by an earthquake. When the earthquake causes primary, and secondary waves to interact, a surface wave is formed.

What causes the a squeak in my showtime rotisserie

the relationship is that a fault is what mainly causes the earthquake.

It results by creating a shockwave, which causes the ground to shake; this is an earthquake.

There are vaults in Earth's surface. They can be anywhere. These vaults are just cracks in the earth. The 2 pieces put a lot of pressure together, forming an earthquake, later turning into a mountain or a depression. If a vault is underwater, it causes an earthquake, as the one in Japan. Japan's earthquake had 8.9 magnitude. An earthquake underwater causes the water to overwhelm, and it causes a tsunami.

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