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Any radio acting like that needs to be cleaned well, with alcohol and canned air. It usually helps, usually somthing sticky has been spilt on it.


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You automatically have a you tube channel when you make the account.

Its not in a automatic channel. You have to manually move the circle thing to the top. The poke flute channel should be there.

Press the channel Up/Down button on the TV...

If a vehicle, like the 2004 Pontiac Montana has an XM Radio built in, the code to program the radio is found on Channel Zero. Tune the radio to XM then turn the tuner to Channel Zero.

Alpha channel, take a look at CHANNELS palette

I have a TV converter box, I use the remote to scan for available signals and then they are automatically programmed into my remote/system as an available viewing channel.

You have to have owned your Mario kart wii game for over a year and then it will automatically be on your console.

connect your wii to your wireless internet router and go on the wii shop channel and download the internet channel for free and it will automatically go onto the wii menu and when you click on the internet channel it will take you to google.

You get the radio enhancement application from the Kanto Radio Tower and manually tune the radio to the pokeflute channel

If you link your Google account to your youtube account, then your Google profile picture will automatically display.

tube channel doctor will automatically grow up the views and make your videos more populars. it's just like nobody's watching but tube doctor channel still will grow up your views. srry fo my bad english

To change Input on the Dynex television without the remote, a person can use the channel selector buttons. Change the channel manually to the lowest possible number, then go lower until the right Input is reached.

If you mean the third Harvest Sprite Channel in Harvest Moon DS or Harvest Moon DS Cute, all you have to do is rescue 20 Harvest Sprites. After your twentieth Sprite you will automatically unlock your twenty-first Sprite who runs Channel 3.

Go to the Wii Shop Channel, and search for it. (Sometimes it might display automatically, sometimes you have to search for it.) The Internet Channel is free, so all you have to do is download it. But be sure that your Wii is connected to a wireless network and that the signal strength is at least very good, or problems will occur.

As of the 27th / February / 2009, the latest version of the Homebrew Channel is Version 1.0.1.If the Homebrew Channel is not on your machine you can get it for free from its main site at you already have it installed on your machine, please make sure you have an internet connection active to your Wii and it will update itself automatically.Do not pay for the Homebrew Channel! If you do, you have been scammed!----

To do this go to your channel and under the videos and playlists if you have the featured video catergory set to use the most recent video then check the box that says auto play featured video which would also work with a video that you have featured.

You know, all TV's have a set of manual buttons on them somewhere. Try looking under the little door on the front if you don't see any. Find the user's menu and rescan the TV or just use the channel button to manually change the channel.

Your set-top box or built-in Digital Tuner should automatically tune to the strongest signal for each channel. There may not be Relays for Digital TV like there were for Analogue so duplicates of a channel using a different number may not exist anyway.

The discovery channel is the discovery channel.

Sylvania wireless headphones should be self programming. Turning them on should scan automatically for available channels. The preferred channel should be easily set.

What channel is tennis channel on cablevison?

There are quite a few. The ones you start off with are as follows:-Disc Channel-Mii Channel-Photo Channel-Wii Shop Channel-Weather Channel (or Forecast Channel)-News Channel-Message BoardYou can also download more channels for free, and they are as follows:-Internet Channel-Everybody Votes Channel-Contest Channel (or Check Mii Out Channel)-Nintendo Channel-Today And Tomorrow Channel-Netflix Channel-Kirby TV ChannelAlso, if you're willing to pay a price, you can download virtual console or wiiware games, for 500 wii points to 2000 wii points.Finally, there are some wii channels you can only get by hacking. These are:-Homebrew Channel-MAG Loader Channel-SNES Channel-Snes9X Channel-NES Channel-FCEU Channel-RIN Channel-Genesis Plus Channel-HUGO Channel-ScummVM Channel-WAD-Installer Channel-WAD-Uninstaller Channel-Wiimc Channel-Riivolution Channel

for most people the weather channel is on channel 23.

If you get your cable through Charter Communications, your local cable provider, the History Channel is channel 63.

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