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i had a Ford car that did that and it was the alternater


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Your speedometer bounces up and down because the speedometer cable is about to break.

I would suspect a faulty VSS. Try replacing the vehicle speed sensor in the transmission.

Possibly your speed sensor. My speedometer would bounce around & then soon after it felt like my transmission was slipping. Turns out the speed sensor controls the upshift in your transmission.

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The speed sensor is malfunctioning If the speedometer is still run by a cable from the transmission, the cable could be getting bound up inside the case that covers it. With heat and time the lubricant inside the plastic tube and that covers the metal cable gets dry and hard and sticky. As the cable begins to twist it will spin and then catch and then release causing the needle to bounce. This is only if you have what I consider to be a mechanicaly fed speedometer. If it is electronically fed with a speed sensor and all, answer ! may be correct. I owned a 95 and thought for sure I had mechanically activated speedometer. And on a side note if it is not the cable itself, then it may be the speedometer gear in the tranny going bad. As the tranmission speedometer gear rotates it spins the cable inside the plastic tube. Possibly a tooth or two broke off. If you find your speedo is run by a cable, there are ways to lubricate them if you can get it disassembled from the rear of the speedo or from the tranny. You may want to look at purchasing a new cable and just replacing it that is if you have a cable fed speedometer.

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