What causes the tail of a comet?

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solar wind The heat from the sun

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Q: What causes the tail of a comet?
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What causes the ion tail of a comet to form?


What causes a comet's tail to be pushed?

A comets tail is pushed because of the solar wind.

What causes the tail on halleys comet?

The tail of a comet is formed by ice and dust that is blown off by solar winds from the nearest star. That is why the tail will always point away from the star no matter what direction the comet is traveling.

How is the tail of a comet created?

The Comet's Tail forms when sunlight causes the Comet's ice to change to a gas. The gas or ion , tail of a comet streams from the comet's head, carrying with it dust particles. The solar wind electrically charged particles, expand away from the sun pushes the gas away from the comet's head. Regardless of where its going the tail points away from the sun.

What causes a comet to have a tail?

The dust and rocks that come off the comet often catch on fire and leave a trail.

What causes comet's tail?

Although the common perception is that the tail of a comet streams out behind the comet, like dust being left behind as the comet roars through space; in reality, the tail of the comet is really the solar wind blowing the debris off of the comet. Because solar wind is coming from the direction of the sun, a comet's tail always faces away from the sun and is not necessarily "flowing" behind the comet.

What causes the tail of a comet to form?

When a comet nears the sun, and begins to out-gas, solar wind pushes the particles away. as the comet nears the sun, more & more particles are emitted, and the tail grows.

What causes the tail halleys comet?

As the comet approaches the sun, it gets heated up, and its surface begins to turn into a gas (sublimates). The gas then escapes from the comet, and with enough force to blow away some dust and small rocks from the comet. This dust and gas is what makes the tail and also why the tail always points away from the sun (even when the comet is running from the sun, so the tail is in frount of the comet).

How does a comet's tail form?

A comet's tail comes from the speed of it coming. The comet catches on fire, thus creating the tail.

Why causes a meteor shower?

meteor showers happen when earth enters the tail of a comet.

What is the tail of a comet?

The tail of a comet is basically dust, and sediment burned off of the comet itself.

What a comet is?

A comet is a star with a tail

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