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electric cooling fan not working will cause this. Allow car to run and wacht the temp gauge, when it hits 225, it should have come on.

AnswerAlso, to force the engine fan on, turn on your air fan switch (air conditioning and heating. Doesn't have to be on the highest setting (#5), but as long as you switch it on, it will automatically turn of the fan motor. I had overheating problems myself once in my '94 LX, and that was a short cut to keep the temp down till I got where I was going. The problem I had was 2 fold, first the water temperature sensor went out and the last jerk mechanics didn't install the correct ratio of water/antifreeze mixture in the system. After finding a reliable mechanic, I trust them every year with good service for regular maintanence. Answeran add on to the answers, if you've had any service to the cooling system make sure there are no air in the system the engine will overheat.
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Q: What causes the water temperature to overheat during stop-and-go driving in a 1991 Ford Escort?
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Where is the transmission oil temperature sensor on a 1995 Ford Escort?

There is no transmission oil temperature sensor on a 1995 Ford Escort.

What are the point gap settings for a 1979 ford escort 2.0l?

why the hell are you driving a 79 ford escort?

Where is the temperature control cable located in a 1998 Ford Escort?

Same answer as the 97 escort question.

What causes 1999 ford escort zx2 to overheat?

i have a 1999 ford escort zx2 and its running hot, changed out the thermostat thermostat cooling sensor, checked the fan and it works, the temperature gauge in side the car still showing hot, let thecar set over night and the gauge still shows hot, what else could be wrong

Where do you find the Temperature sending unit on a 1995 ford escort?

The temperature sending unit on the 1995 Escort is on top of the engine. It is mounted at the thermostat housing, where the top radiator hose comes in.

Does a 2002 ford escort zx2 have an intake air temperature sensor?

The 2002 Ford Escort zx2 does have an air intake air temperature sensor. The sensor is at the top of the engine on the drivers side.

What causes 98 ford escort zx2 temperature gauge to be inoperative?

The temperature sensor is probably bad

Temperature gauge Not working on 1996 Escort?

It sounds like a bad Temperature Sensor or the Gage It's self.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a 2003 Ford Escort ZX2?

the back of the block

What can caused your 2001 ford escort car to over heat with the AC running?

When the AC is on the motor for the fan at the radiator is supposed to be on, also. If not your engine could overheat in around the town driving. The relay for the radiator fan is in the CCRM Constant Control Relay Module underneath the inlet housing. If your fan isn't coming on this is the problem.

1999 ford escort zx2 suddenly stopped running?

Check your fuses. I have a '99 Escort ZX2 and the motor simply quit as I was driving down the road. Turned out to be a blown fuse.

Why is my 97 Escort running rough an loosing power when driving?

Could be in need of a good tune up.

Where is the temperature sensor on a 1999 ford escort?

The temperature sensor is on the water outlet housing. This is where the big hose from the top of the radiator meets at the engine.

What engine oil do you need for a 1997 Ford Escort?

5W30 is recommended for all temperature ranges

How do you check a fan sensor on a 98 escort?

To check the fan sensor on a 98 escort with the key on disconnect the electrical connector to the temperature sesnor. If the fan come on the sensor is all right.

Why does my 1993 ford escort dies sometime while driving The fuel cut-off and check engine light sometimes comes on?

engine stalls sometimes driving

Where is the temperature sensor on a ford escort 2000 xz2?

it is on the top of the thermostat housing on the drivers side of the engine

What is the part that threads into my thermostat with a connector on outside on a 1993 ford escort gt?

Engine temperature sensor...

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor on a 1989 ford escort gt?

the sensor is located on the thermostat housing

What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to stall when returning to idle after driving with AC on?

My 94 escort was doing the same thing. I replaced the throttle valve assembly and that seems to have done the trick. Hopefully that helps you out.

Why 1997 escort shut off while driving and wont start turns over but that's it?

timing belt probably

Are there any interference issues associated with breaking the timing belt on a 1.9L 1995 Ford Escort while driving?

Generally, no.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a 2000 Ford escort zx2?

thermostat housing on the side of the engine block

What is wrong with a Ford Escort Sport if it turns off while driving?

It lost fuel and/or spark and/or compression. Many possibilities of the source.

What is the punishment for driving without your permit on hand?

depending on where you live, you could get your car taken away and a nice escort home from the police.