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Seizures usuallu cause uncontrollable muscle movements. I'm sure you know this already.

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Q: What causes uncontrollable muscle movements?
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What biological problems does the nerve agent VX cause?

Vomiting. Foaming at the mouth. Uncontrollable muscle movements. Choking on your own fluids. Pinpoint pupils and bloodshot eyes.

What causes spastic movements?

Random/confused brain signals that force involuntary muscle movements. It is also known as 'Spasticity'.

What are the complex muscle movements?

Complex muscle movements is the ability for the muscles to move to the desired directions.

What is The loss of sensation and voluntary muscle movements in a muscle is known as?

Type your answer here... hat is The loss of sensation and voluntary muscle movements in a muscle is known as?

Why would a dog begin to have uncontrollable bowel movements?

Possible sick, take he/she to the vet.

Which part of the brain is responsible for muscle movements and balance?

The cerebellum is responsible for muscle movements and balance.

What characteristic of life does Huntingtons Disease affect?

Movement. It causes uncontrollable movements known as chorea. It is the highlight of this disease althought it also causes speech problems, sleep disturbances, difficulty chewing and swallowing leading to weight loss and malnutrition, and seizures.

What is the main function of muscle cells?

involuntary muscle movements

What causes diseaeses?

It's when cells in the body become uncontrollable.

What are the causes of spastic cerebral palsy?

Spastic cerebral palsy affects movements due to brain damages that can happen either during, before, or after birth. The causes of this is the tension in a muscle.

Does muscle length change during isometric movements?

No, the length of the muscle fibers does not change. In isotonic movements is when the length changes.

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