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Causes for vaginal bleeding include menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, D&C medical procedure, PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, with pain in lower belly), or (in women who have had an abortion or pregnancy and birth) uterine fibroids diagnosed by ultrasound and pelvic examination,. In all scenarios (except menstruation) you should see a Dr.

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what cause pain in right sid, lwere pelvic soreness and light vaginal bleeding?

what causes pain in right side and peliv area and light vaginal bleeding

What causes vaginal bleeding after exercise?

sloppy joes and dirty putty with nobbers

Does aspirin causes excessive vaginal bleeding?

do hippos eat more than we do in a year

What is the difference between vaginal bleeding and menstruation period?

Menstruation causes vaginal bleeding but vaginal bleeding can also be caused by other factors like a tubal pregnancy, an abrasion in the vagina or on the cervix. Menstruation is simply the breakdown of the uterine lining. Vaginal bleeding that is not caused by menstruation needs to investigated, it could be from a tubal pregnancy or other internal problem that could be dangerous to your health.

Is their ways to know you're having your period?

The biggest clue that you're menstruating is vaginal bleeding - although there can be other causes of vaginal bleeding, it is continues over a few days it is most likely menstruation.

Can vaginal bleeding last as long as a period?

Vaginal bleeding is period sweetie lol

What causes brown vaginal bleeding with clots?

you have UTI, sorry bud...stuff least its not aids...

Is the bleeding different in a period during pregnancy?

You probably won't have a period during pregnancy. It will more than likely by implantion bleeding, a cervical change that causes vaginal bleeding or a miscarriage.

What causes bleeding between periods?

hormonal changes, insertion of objects, stress, undiagnosed vaginal infection, implantational bleeding (one of the first signs of pregnancy), among others are the main causes for bleeding between periods for any woman.

What are the symptoms of vaginal bleeding?

There is only one symptom of vaginal bleeding - you bleed from your vagina. I'm not sure what it is you're asking here, vaginal bleeding is literally just that, there are no side-effects.

Causes of bleeding in second month of pregnancy?

Hai my name is sony 23.i am second month pregency 7 week .vaginal bleeding morning but why plz tel me the answer

Can anemia cause vaginal bleeding during intercourse?

Anemia, loosely speaking, is a low blood count. It can be a result of blood loss including vaginal bleeding. Anemia does not cause vaginal bleeding. Cases of bleeding during intercourse are oftentimes caused by mere trauma to the cervix or a possible vaginal tear.

Does a simple vaginal tightning procedure can cause bleeding on wedding night?

A simple vaginal tightening procedure causes the diameter of the vagina to be smaller. Depending on the size of the man, this can cause a tear.

How do you tell the difference between vaginal bleeding and a period?

Vaginal bleeding originates closer to the entrance, and is not normal. Also, it may produce more blood and bleeds longer if not cleaned. Consult a doctor if vaginal bleeding occurs.

Causes of bleeding after menstruation period in female human beings?

The causes are as follows: * UTI * Missed birth control pills. * Recently stopped/started taking BC pills. * Vaginal infection. * Implantation bleeding. * Pregnancy. * Break through bleeding * Recently took MAP

Can a pelvic hernia cause vaginal bleeding?

Yes it can cause bleeding

Can a UTI cause vaginal bleeding?

No, an UTI cannot cause vaginal bleeding. UTI stands for urinary tract infection, it is an infection in the urethra so has no impact on the vagina. If you are experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding you may have a vaginal infection or STD so you may want to see your doctor.

How do you know vaginal bleeding from periods?

Periods are dark red or brown of even black. Vaginal bleeding is light and could not fill a pad.

Can vaginal bleeding look and feel like a period?

Vaginal bleeding is a period/menstruation. if you bleed for another reason you should see a doctor.

What causes vaginal bleeding in female dogs?

Every 6 months, female dogs become in heat and have menstruation. Thus, the reason why they bleed.

Can a vaginal pessary cause bleeding?


How do you know if you have vaginal bleeding?

Blood comes out

Could you be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding?


What are the signs that you are suffering a vaginal bleeding and not a menstruation?

i see my period on the 1 of november and again on the 25 of im wondering if its my period or vaginal bleeding

How can you tell when your starting your period?

You can tell when you're starting your period because you start to see vaginal bleeding - spotting which is brown or pink discharge, or a full bleed. Not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation but it's typically safe to assume this is the cause of vaginal bleeding.

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