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Superficial vein is a term used to describe a vein that is close to the surface of the body. It is used to differentiate veins that are close to the surface from veins that are far from the surface, known as deep veins.

Superficial veins are important physiologically for cooling of the body. When the body is too hot the body shunts blood from the deep veins to the superficial veins, to facilitate heat transfer to the surroundings. Superficial veins can be seen under the skin.

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Q: What causes veins to appear close to surface. why do bruise marks appear for unkown reasons?
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What is a bruise and what causes them?

A bruise is a mark on the human body inside or out. What causes them are injuries.

How does ice reduce the swelling of a bruise?

Cold causes vasoconstriction; the constriction of surface blood vessels, thus reducing swelling.

Will the skin that was bumped on the forehead show a bruise later?

Bumping into something often causes a bruise. The bruise can appear quickly or maybe not until the next day. The size or color of the bruise does not mean much. Most bruises start off as "black and blue", get darker, then begin to lighten and change to all colors of the rainbow. The colors may spread out. These are quite usual.

What causes a bruise?

It is caused by a bunch of broken blood vesseles, causing the color of a bruise to change.

What happens when you have blood clots?

usually it just causes a bruise, thats what a bruise is... a clot under the skin.

Why does blood form under skin when i bruise myself?

Because a blood vessel was bursted, which causes the bruise.

Why a hit to the head causes a bump but a hit to elsewhere in the body causes a bruise?

I would assume it has to do with muscle vs. bone. If you bruise your shin, you will also have a bump.

Which of these causes global winds to appear to turn instead of blow straight across the earth's surface?

The Coriolis effect is when global winds appear to turn instead of blowing straight across the earth's surface.

What causes bulging veins in arms and hands?

Because they are closer to the surface. There could be other reasons.

Painful area to touch above right ear like a bruise without there being an injury or bruise what causes this?

ear enfection

What are some causes of river and coastal flooding?

Low surface pressure and a new moon are the main reasons

Which of these causes global winds to appear to turn instead of blow straight across the earths surface?

Coriolis effect

How does it take a bruise to appear?

How long? A couple minutes to a couple hours, to even a couple days. It all depends on what kind of impact caused the bruise.As for what causes a bruise to appear, an impact against your body that doesn't break the skin may break the blood vessels under your skin. Possibly from crushing them against a bone or simply hitting the area too hard. The blood seeps out of the capillaries, but under the skin, creating a dark spot.

What causes a dark pink spot on your nail bed?

Bruise or pressure.

Why are some bruises green?

That was a pretty deep bruise that is now mostly healed. All bruise colors are from hemoglobin, the red compound in red blood cells. This causes the initial red/purple color of a new bruise. As the hemoglobin breaks down it turns into biliverdin, which causes the greenish color. That will break down into bilirubin which looks yellow. Then the breakdown will be completed and the bruise will be healed.

Does shining a flashlight on the surface of crystals affect their appearance?

Shining a flashlight on the surface of the crystal causes them to appear shiny or sparkly. Depending on the atoms involved in putting them together, they can bounce off the outside surface.

Why would the blood platlets drop on a new boorn?

There are several causes for the blood platelets to drop on a newborn baby. A few reasons for the drop in platelets are a bruise, thrombocytopenic purpura, or neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia.

What causes winds to appear on earth's surface?

The difference in temperature in air causes movement as warm air rises and cold air sinks. The Earth's rotation also has a small affect.

What is surface leakage current?

Undesired current flow across the surface of a semiconductor device due to contamination of that surface. This disturbs the operation of the device and causes a variety of failures. Insulators can also have surface leakage current for similar reasons.

What causes an aching right leg?

There are a number of causes as to why a leg may ache. These include strain, fatigue, a pulled muscle, or a bruise.

What causes an insect bite to become a bruise?

If a bite swells up it can cause bruising.

What causes winds to appear to turn on the earth's surface?

This caused by the rotation of the earth and is called the coriolis effect.

What causes wind to appear to turn on the earths surface?

This caused by the rotation of the earth and is called the coriolis effect.

A bruise turns black and blue because?

because the bruise is blood under the skin..and the blood cells break down and realease chemicals that causes your skin to turn black and blue

Does the revolution of the sun causes the sun to appear to set?

The rotation of the earth is what causes the sun to appear to set