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There are several causes of water retention. Medical conditions which can cause it include heart or kidney problems. If the heart does not have enough pumping force, the kidneys will not be able to extract enough water from the blood so it will collect in the tissues. Another type of water retention can occur in women due to premenstrual hormonal changes. This water retention mostly affects the tummy before a woman's period. In pregnancy, water retention can occur in the legs caused by the weight of the baby on the mother's pelvic veins. In elderly people, water retention can occur in the legs when the blood vessels are weak. The circulation isn't strong enough to push the blood upwards against gravity, so the blood collects in the feet and ankles; the pressure forces water into the tissues there, causing swellings. Another type of water retention is known as idiopathic edema and is caused by small blood vessels (capillaries) becoming too leaky. It's thought that eating a poor diet is mostly responsible for this. Eating too much salt and not drinking enough water probably play a part too.

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Q: What causes water retention?
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What hormone causes water retention?

aldosterone. it increases salt retention too.

Does Tylenol causes water retention?


What causes your fingers to swell?

Water retention

What causes sudden water retention?

There are several causes of sudden water retention. Poor circulation, premenstrual symptoms, salt, or a blockage in the lymphatic system can all cause this condition.

How do you get rid of water retention?

Almost everyone retains water from time to time especially women around the time of their monthly periods, after eating highly salty foods, or when outdoors in very hot weather. For these harmless causes of water retention you can drink peppermint tea, eat celery, consume more protein, or eating bananas. If water retention is a regular occurrence however, you should check with your doctor for possible causes. Sometimes water retention is a sign of a serious condition.

How do you eliminate water retention?

Diuretics are the best treatment when the blood is retaining water, as in a heart or kidney condition. Reducing salt intake will also help. For tissue water retention, when the space between the cells of the body becomes filled with water, diuretics may aggravate this problem. The causes of tissue water retention are complex. There are at least seven different causes ranging from hormonal to vitamin deficiencies or excess histamine.

What causes swollen feet and ankles?

Hypertersion or High Blood pressure commonly causes water retention in the feet and ankles in the elderly

What hormone causes salt retention?

Aldosterone will cause salt-retention and thereby H2O retention because of the osmotic gradient.

What does the hormone ADH do in your bodies?

Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) causes water retention in our body by inhibiting diuresis.

How do you lose water weight healthy?

Hi, exercising is the best way, though you can purchase a herbal duretic at a health food shop, though it could be a good idea to see your doctor as the causes of water retention vary, my water retention was due to medication.

How does soil facilitate percolation and retention of water?

how is soil a facilitator for percolation and retention of water

What are the causes of school dropouts?

poor retention

What makes swelling under the eyes?

Some adults can have water retention under their eyes and it can be a hereditary factor so a child may have that particular gene. Other causes can be water retention and allergies. It's advisable you see your doctor about this problem.

Can fiber supplements cause temporary water retention?

No, they do NOT cause water retention. In fact, fiber diets have been shown to play a direct role in controlling water retention.

Do foods high in sodium make you fat?

sodium causes water retention. so yes.. the more sodium you consume..the more water weight you will retain.

Which hormone causes sodium retention in kidneys?


Why salty food causes retention of water and swelling of tissues?

It's one of the chemical properties of salt that it draws moisture to itself.

What causes swollen and painful legs during pregnancy?

Water retention from the extra weight of the baby putting pressure on internal organs

How do you make a sentence using retention?

This water retention is causing me to gain weight.

How do you use retention in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.He has poor retention for facts.She suffered from water retention once a month.The dam is needed for retention of the lake.

What happens if excess of salt is taken in?

If excess salt or Sodium Chloride is taken in,it could result to edema due to water retention.Since sodium causes water retention.

How does sodium increase hypertension?

sodium causes water retention resulting in swelling or edema. this added volume of fluid in the body causes the heart to work harder and blood pressure increases.

What is the density and water retention level of alluvial soil?

Density is 123.5 lb/cf and the maximum water retention is 22.34%.

What causes urinary retention?

30 ml per hour

What cures water retention from methadone?

the sugar in the methadone or the salt content in it could cause water retention .