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Bad heater core? replace Evaporator drain plugged if A/C equipped - try to unplug from under vehicle

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Why is your passenger floor board wet on a 2003 dodge durango.?

It's a Dodge thats why.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 92 dodge ram 50 pickup?

passenger side floor board

What causes water on passenger floor board of 2005 Chevrolet impala?

Heater. Core

Diagram of heating system for 1997 dodge grand caravan?

Water is leaking on passenger side floor board when heat is on

Where is Heater fan motor 2001 dodge ram 2500?

It is on the bottom of the passenger side of the dash. Look up from the passenger floor board and you will see it. It is held in by three bolts.

Is it same dash board 1991 dodge stealth and 1996 dodge stealth?

no the passenger air bag was introduced in 1994 changing the dash used from the gen 1 to the gen 2

My 2003 dodge ram 1500 passenger floor board keeps getting wet every time you drive it in the rain?

Roll up the windows!

What is the location of the heater resistor on a 2001 dodge ram pickup?

Blower motor resistor assembly is located under dash board on passenger side.

Change a battery in 2007 dodge sprinter?

The Battery is located in the Floor board between the driver and passenger seats, you will have to remove the rubber floor to access it. Special tools you may need are on the passenger side in the floor, where the jack is.

Why do i get water on the passenger side floor board of my 2000 dodge ram 1500 when 'm driving it?

sounds like you need to replace the heater core

How come I am getting water in the passenger floor board in a 2001 dodge Dakota?

this could be from the heater core. When the heater core goes out it leaks....right into the passenger side floor board If it is water, not coolant, the problem could be a plugged air conditioner drain. Easily accesible from under the hood.

How do you know if your heater core is bad on a dodge ram van?

If a Dodge Ram Van is not getting any heat, the first sign of it being the fault of the heater core would be a very wet passenger side floor board. The heater core is located near the foot well on the passenger side.

Where is blower motor resister where is resister on fan blower on 2004 dodge Dakota located located on 2004 dodge dokata?

Passenger side floor board. Open passenger door, look up and foward towards firewall. There are 2 screws holding it in the blower box. It has a 1X3 5 pin connector.

How can you remove the dash board on a dodge avenger?

Ask a Loacl. HOW do you remove the dash board on a 1996 dodge avenger

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What causes my passenger side floor board to be wet 2005 Chevy impala?

Check for a sickly sweet smell. The heater core is probably leaking coolant into the floor. The core is not repairable but can be replaced.

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Why is your passenger side floor board soaked?

Crack in the heater core

Where is a circuit board for 2005 Dodge Ram truck?

Almost every piece of electronics in the truck will have a circuit board in it.