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What causes white foam on the surface of a swimming pool?


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I have found that the use of so-called waterproof sunblock lotions cause a white sludgy foamy texture on the surface of my pool. I was using 45 SPF No-Ad WaterProof Lotion and it came right off - even after applying 45 minutes before. I switched to Banana Boat 35 SPF waterproof and sweat-proof and the white stuff disappeared. That could be one solution. Good luck. And possibly overuse of a certain type of algaecide.


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The white is sea foam, which is just bubbles caused from the water churning.

White foam in a fish pond can be caused by organic residue gathering on the surface. This can be from fish waste or plant matter.

It's possible because you don't know if the fish swimming in the foam are diseased.

Depends on how thick the foam is and how much. Some pool chemicals cause a foam on the surface of the water when added to the pool water, but if you added dish soap to the water that foam would ruin the pool filter and swimming in it wouldn't be good.

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It is a description of the white foam on waves

You have coolant getting mixed in with the oil. The head gasket and intake manifold gasket would be your most likely culprits.

Soap has good surface tension, which makes it easier to form bubbles. Foam is just lots of bubbles.

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Its not a reaction strictly speaking. Foam is when gas is suspended by a liquid bubble on the surface of a liquid. Foam occurs when the liquids are of a certain density which accomodates the formation of these bubbles.

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