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There are many myths surrounding those mysterious white spots on fingernails that occasionally show up, but the simple truth is that the majority of white spots on fingernails are caused by a previous injury to the nail bed. They can be loosely compared to bruises on the skin.

If you notice white spots, also known as leukonychia, on your nails, they are unlikely to have been caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. In a few cases, white spots on fingernails can indicate an underlying infection, but much more commonly, they are the result of injury. Similar to bruising, white spots on fingernails do not show up immediately. It may take several days or weeks before you notice the spots.

Because they are generally the result of a minor injury, you are likely to have forgotten all about banging your fingernail against the car door.

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What causes white marks on fingernails?

White marks on fingernails are usually caused by injury to the base of the nail. It is also known as leukonychia or milk spots.

What are the white spots on fingernails?


What do you call the white spots on your fingernails?

The lunula, or lunulae which is the plural is the white moon shaped thing on your fingernails:)

Why do people get white spots on their fingernails?

calcium deposits.

What does white spots on your fingernails mean?

calcium deposits

What are the white spots under your fingernails from?

It is either a slight ingury that you may not remember or a calcuim deposit. So dont worry about it.

What do white spots on fingernails mean?

White Spots on fingernails usually mean an injury to the nail bed, however some people believe it's to do with a zinc or calcium deficiency, which is a myth because it's not just on our hands we grow nails. If you have White Spots on your Toenails as well as your Fingernails then maybe your needing a vitamin supplement. On Fingernails only then most likely cause is an injury. It could be the normal part of the nail called the lunula.

What are the white spots underneath your fingernails?

The white spots underneath your fingernails are something like eternal bleeding. It would be fungi growing underneath your finger, because you had hit your finger against something. For example, if you squeeze your finger in between a door the skin under neath your finger might rip causing fungi to grow from all of the bacteria.

What causes white spots in stain?

generally bleach is what causes white stains in clothing.

What is the reason for white under the fingernails?

One reason for white under the finger nails is zinc deficiency, a.k.a. hypozincemia.

What causes white unraised horizontal lines on fingernails?

The white area in fingernails and hair are caused by air. That's why snow is white and not blue. Little bumps and bruises that are done to the bed of the nail cause these imperfections.

What causes a Sore throat with white spots on tonsils?

Sore throat with white spots on tonsils could be strep throat or thrush.

What causes yellow spots on white laundry items?


What causes white spots on tongue with sore gums?


Why do you have white spots on your fingernails only on your right hand?

Well first i think it only a coincident that there on your right hand. An the white spots are where you have hit your nail, you don't get as many if you have more calcium. Well that what I've been told!

Why do children get white spots on their teeth?

In most cases these are genetic causes, however many children have white spots on teeth after wearing braces.

What causes fingernails to turn white?

The white splotches on your nails are due to a lack of zinc in your body. A common food with zinc is fish.

Why do you get white marks on fingernails?

You get white spots or marks on your fingernails because of calcium deficiency. Like maybe you haven't had milk in a few days, you get them. You can make them go away by then drinking milk. Milk makes your fingernails grow faster. So over the course of 3-7 days the spots will gradually move up your nail to the point of where you can cut them off because you would have to cut your nail anyway. Hope this helps :)

What causes white spots after braces?

plaque! plaque, from not brushing well.

What causes white spots on the liver?


Why do you have white spots on your fingernails?

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What is the white bits in your nails?

if you haven't had enough dairy The white spots on your fingernails are usually caused by injuries, vitamin or mineral deficiency, or an underlying infection. This is also called leukonychia.

What are white spots on your hands an indication of?

There are many skin condition causes white spots like vitiligo, Albinism, Nevus depigmentosus, Pityriasis Alba, White scars and hypopigmentation and Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis

Why do you get white in your fingernails?

If you are talking about a french manicure, you pain them that way. There is also a product you can get a pharmacies like Walgreens which is basically a pencil that you put under your fingernails to make them look whiter.

What causes brown spots in the white of the human eyes?

Brown spots on the white of the human eye could be eye freckles. These freckles are exactly like the ones found on the skin.