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It is caused by differences in the atmospheric pressure

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Rusty Hahn

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โˆ™ 2020-02-21 14:39:35
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maeli k

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Movement of convection currents where

hot air moves upward and cold air moves


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โˆ™ 2020-05-11 19:18:03

It is caused by air flowing from a high pressure area to a low pressured area.

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Q: What causes wind?
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What causes the wind in the atmosphere?

Energy from the Sun causes wind.

What causes wind to blow in gusts?

The pressure of the sun causes the wind to blow.

Wind water and ice are causes of?

Wind, ice, and water are the causes of erosion

If wind causes waves to form what causes wind?

Thermals. Different temperatures. Cold air sinks and warm air rises this causes the wind to move.

What causes sandstorms?

wind causes sandstorms

What causes monsoon wind?

simon cows wind

What is causes of erosion?

Main causes are water and the wind.

What causes the curtains of light?

solar wind solar wind

What kind of wind causes the northern lights?

solar wind.

What forms global wind patterns?

what causes wind patterns

How does erosion effect wind?

erosion doesn't effect wind, wind causes erosion

What are the causes of upwelling?


Does the sun causes the wind?


What causes upwelling?


What causes the sand dunes to move?

The wind causes movement

What causes and how it causes erosion?

wind water gravity and ice

What wind driven material causes erosion?

Sand, blown by the wind.

What causes the wind to move in the bands of the earth?

The atmosphere has wind patterns

How does the wind effect a tornado?

Wind causes tornadoes. Since wind goes in all directions it will go around in a circle pushing at every side. This causes a tornado to form.

What causes ocean swells?


What causes surface currents?


What causes oceans waves?


Varying what causes wind?


What causes soil?

water and wind

What does air temperature affect in the wind?

Uneven heating of the atmosphere causes wind. The mixing of hot and cold air causes turbulence.

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