What causes worrying?

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It's part of human nature and some people can worry over the things and end up a basket case while some others are at the other end of the spectrum and worry very little (I call this "lobotimized". Life in itself is a delicate balance and as we grow older we must find ways to deal with worries and stress. I didn't start doing this until my early 50s and it works. I took Cognitive Therapy to help me deal with problems and I also do Tai Chi. The old saying "be one" or "mind, body and soul" is more true than you will ever know. If we learn to ride with the waves and realize we will usually land on our feet like cats and in one piece, but do the best with the other problems then that's the best we can do. We just have to let some things go that we can't fix. Being "one" will help calm the heart, adrenal glands, etc., down in the body and things don't look so gloomy when we practice calming ourselves down. That's where the future is going today as spas, nature's music, aromatherapy, etc., are all coming into play with the Baby Boomers coming up hot and heavy. Because the obvious solution to the problem is not what we want it to be. In other words, not accepting the "what is", and trying to live our life to "what is not."

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Q: What causes worrying?
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