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Jumped directly from the relay? Bad compressor clutch, bad relay, low or excess refrigerant.

2014-01-13 05:51:57
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How can you diagnose a small refrigerator compressor?

You probably will need to put a valve on that compressor unless it has a port already. Then you hook up your guages and check the pressure. Do you know if the compressor is running or not?

How much electricity required to develop 1 bar pressure in a compressor?

None! A tank at atmospheric pressure already has an absolute pressure of 1.013 bar.

What is the function of booster compressor?

to compress an already compressed gas/air to a higher planned pressure.

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How do you install an AC compressor on a 1999 Chevrolet Express van?

by law you shouldn't be allowed to purchase an A/C compressor without having the proper ticket, and if you had the proper ticket you would not be asking this question, but in any case there is already a spot for the ac compressor on the block on the right front half of the engine. a four bolt mount is already installed ready to accept the compressor.

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Where is the freon outlet located on 1999 Honda accord?

While I'm not familiar w/ this particular model, I do know that you can follow the hard pipes that come off the compressor and they will lead you to the fittings, one will be the low pressure fitting (that's the one you need), and the other will be the high pressure fitting (don't mess with it). The low pressure outlet is going to be the bigger of the two, if you go to somewhere like Autozone or O'Reilly's (I prefer O'Reilly's) and buy the can of R134a that already has the connector on it, you can useit to determine which is the right one, because it will only fit on the correct fitting.

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What causes the 7.5 fuse for the AC to go out on a 1992 Saturn SL1 it did this 4 times already?

Bad clutch on compressor, unplug the wires from the AC compressor, replace fuse if doesnt blow fuse its in compressor, if blows then gounded wire

Does an air conditioner compressor purchased from Napa auto parts come with oil already added?

NO, it does not.

How do you replace an AC compressor On a 1996 Grand Am?

First you must remove all pressure from the system if it is charged. After doing so, proceed to remove the serpentine belt by using a wrench on the belt tensioner. Going in from underneath you must disconnect the plug connected to the pulley and then unscrew the bolts that connect the A/C hose to the compressor. Then you will need to use a socket wrench to undo four bolts that retain the body of the compressor to the engine block. With either pliers or a screw driver you must disconnect the lower radiator hose from the radiator and fold it out of the way. Now the compressor should drop down with a bit of fenagling. To install do reverse. NOTE: Do yourself a favor and try to purchase a new one with pulley and A/C clutch already installed, for if you do not the journey has only just begun.

2001 navigator 2 wheel drive air suspension not working switch is on all fuses are good already replaced compressor?

i found out for myself that if you jump terminal a&b at the compressor relay the compressor will kick on so i replaced the relay and it works.

Why is your car's air conditioner blowing hot air if it already has freon?

Compressor not running?Heater control in heat position?

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Already changed fuse and air conditioning compressor clutch assembly but no power going to cause the compressor to kick on to pull back the clutch so that compressor kicks on what could be the cause?

What specific kind of vehicle do you have? It does sound like the clutch may be bad, but we also need to know what you are working on. You need to run power straight from the battery to the compressor. If is still does not engage then you need to replace the compressor and clutch, they are dead. If they do engage, then you have a wiring or computer issue.

How do I change the AC compressor clutch on my 1995 Pontiac Sunfire?

I'm not sure that this is a DIY job. My Haynes manual has no information about actually repairing a compressor. It does, however, go into length about changing out the entire compressor. You should have the system depressurized by a certified AC tech. There are environmental considerations here. Haynes says that when you replace the compressor, to be sure that it A. has oil already in it or B. drain the oil from the old compressor into a graduated container. Add the exact same amount of new oil into the new compressor. When replacing the compressor, you'll also have to replace the accumulator/drier and the expansion (orifice) tube.

How do you charge ac on 2004 Malibu?

You are going to have to take it to a shop. If not you can add r134, but the problem is if you already have some in there and you add more, it will cause the compressor valve to open, which is loud and plus you lose all your refrigerant. When you take it to a shop ask how much you already had in there when they retrieve it with their machine, or ask to watch on the machine it will say how much was retrieved. System capacity is usually located underneath the hood, usually up to a few pounds. Hope this helps

Where are the fuses located for a 82 Yamaha virago 750?

the Yamaha symbol underneath your headlight is your fuse box, remove the two screws and there they are. there are also some relays underneath your seat if you havn't already found those.

Can't locate port on 1997 cavalier to recharge air conditioning any ideas?

find the low pressure side, usually adjacent to the firewall, or the line before you reach the compressor. You can get a can of freon with the pressure gauge already attached at any of the chain car parts store. If you accidentally connect to the high pressure side it will give you a high reading so you know not to try to fill that side with freon. It can cause the can to burst so be careful.

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