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Its normal for your Chevy to run warm. I have found that with every Chevy I have ever owned the engine always runs warmer than any other type of car. Some positive things are that it warms the heater up lots quicker in the winter and it always defogs the windows better in the rain because the defroster runs warmer, too.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 22:26:06
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Q: What causes your 1999 Cavalier to run warm?
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Why would 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2l run rough when idling?

timing off

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Will a 2002 2.2 Cavalier engine work in a 1999 2.2?

NO.. There are several wires from your computer to the engine that do not have a place to connect and will not let it run.

Can you swap a 1998 cavalier 2.4 into your 1999 cavalier?

yes their the same engine the only problem you might run into is ac on the other car or your car if not properly done you may not have ac in your current car

2003 Chevy Cavalier-what temperature should your car run at?

Chevy Cavalier should run about 195F or 91C

What causes a 1993 Chevrolet cavalier to not run or stall and not start for 10 minutes?

Check for leaks in the intake manifold or a poor fuel pressure situation.

Will a knock sensor make your 95 cavalier not run?

No it will not cause it not to run.

Will it damage the engine if the timing belt breaks in 1999 Chevy cavalier?

It can, but odds are when this happens the engine will fail to run because the timing is off so bad.

What are the symptoms of a failing fuel pump on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

Noisey pump, hard starting, stalling. Replace the fuel filter and have a fuel pressure test run.

Can a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier run fine without a catalytic converter?

Sure, until the Feds or the state catches you. Modifying the emissions equipment on your vehicle can result in a serious fine.

Your 1992 cavalier will run fine until it is warm Then it lacks power shakes shudders and generally runs terribly looked at plugs and wires seem ok what is next?

. This can be a coil, easy to replace.

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How do you remove passenger airbag from a 1997 cavalier?

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How do you know if your timing cahin is bad on a 2002 Cavalier?

When the timing chain is bad on a 2002 Cavalier, the engine could have several symptoms. The engine could run rough, be hard to start, or not run at all.

What causes a 1999 Jeep to run full throttle when started without the gas pedal being touched?

stuck throttle butterfly plate

What could cause a 1999 Saturn to run rough when warm?

with the info you gave it can be anything prob needs a tune up but just guessing since I have no info

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What causes radiator fan to run all the time in cavalier 97?

The fan relay is most likely stuck closed. Remove the relay to see if the fan stops running, if the fan stops, replace the relay.

What causes a 1987 Toyota pickup to run super ruff cold and soon as it gets warm it runs sweet?

More than likely a problem with the choke system.

How do you check the AC pressure switch for 1999 cavalier?

Unplug it from the accumulator and run a jumper wire between the two holes. If the compressor clutch remains engaged while the jumper wire is in place, the switch is functioning properly.

What causes the offtrack light to come on the instrument tell-tale light on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier?

trac sensor might be bad that was my prob on same year cavalier i had same problem, had a diagnostic test run, came back saying i needed new TPS just got that fixed, now it seems ok

Where is the speedometer cable located 98 Chevy cavalier?

There is no cable, the speedo is run electronically.

What would make a cavalier lose power and not run right?

Low fuel pressure