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ball joints

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Q: What causes your 2001 Ford Taurus station wagon to make a bumping sound when you go over a bump?
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What causes a bumping sound when making left or right turns?

it is when u turn the tires lift the hit the ground

What causes a consistent bumping sound from under the front of the car and is relative to speed?

A bad tire or a bad wheel bearing.

Why vacuum cannot transmit sound?

Sound is transmitted by atoms bumping into other atoms.

Is bump an example of an onomatopoeia?

Yes, because it is roughly the sound that bumping into something makes.

What is sound transmitted by?

Particles bumping into one another. Example: falling dominoes/ newton balls

How does sound travel in solid liquid and in gas . explain?

Sound travels by particles (such as atoms or molecules) bumping into other particles, thus transferring the energy, in form of a sound.

How does thunder make huge noises and sounds?

Thunder makes a signifacent sound by the clouds bumping together.

What causes us to make sound when you speak?

what causes sound when you speak

Why do sound waves need matter to travel?

That's basically what sound waves are all about. Sound waves mean that energy is transmitted, by bumping, from one atom (or group of atoms) to the next.

How is an echo caused?

Sound travels in waves, when your in a big open space the sound can travel further without bumping into things as a result when the sound finally reaches something it reverberates and comes back to you.

What is the hoenn sound?

On Wednesdays, the Radio Station channel "Pokemon March" is playing the Hoenn Sound, which, when playing in certain areas, causes Pokemon from the Hoenn region to be available for battle in the wild. There is a total of 10 Pokemon that can be caught using the Hoenn sound.

What causes sound waves to travel through air?

the vibration of the particles of medium of the sound waves causes the sound waves to travel

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