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sounds like your brakes are not releasing properly

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What causes a grinding noise in your front wheel?


What causes chirping noise when stepping on brakes in Nissan Sentra?

he he he

What causes squealing noise from wheels not belt or brakes?

check your wheel bearings

What causes a grinding noise from the right passenger side?

Bearings, cv shaft, or brakes.

Why does 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass make loud moaning noise in reverse only and you can feel vibration in steering wheel but it stops when brakes are slightly applied?

When a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass makes a loud, moaning noise in reverse it is possible that the reverse gear in the transmission is getting ready to go out. The braking system should be looked at too, because of the vibration.

What causes a loud thud noise in rear brakes?

A loud thud noise in the rear brakes might be caused by stuck calipers or by brake drums that are out of round. You might also have uneven wear on the brake pads.

What causes the noise when you apply the brakes on a 2001 crv?

They are equipped with a "telltale" warning that shrieks when the brakes are applied, with the brake pads are too low and need replacing.

What does the word wail mean?

To make a woeful noise, moaning piteously.

What causes a knocking noise when brakes are applied gently?

When there are any issues with your brakes it is best to take your car in to a certified mechanic. Brakes can knock for several reasons, including the calipers, brake pads, and bearings.

What causes a 1995 Chevy tracker to make a groaning or a squealing noise at the front rotor brakes during a stop?

When the brake pads are worn the rivets will actually touch the brake rotor when the brakes are applied. The brakes should be changed immediately.

What would cause a knocking noise when you use your brakes in the car?

Typically, a knocking noise when to use your brakes in the car is caused by your brakes wearing down. This means you need to get them checked out and repaired.

What causes wheel noise when you back up a car?

It could be your brakes telling you hello I'm in need of some attention down here .

Why do my brakes on a 97 dodge ram make a ticking noise when I apply them?

Its not your brakes making the noise. Most liklly your CV joint is warn out.

Why do your brakes make a clicking noise when you slow down?

The brakes may make a clicking noise if the caliper is going bad. I just changed the brakes and the rotors and discovered my car was making a clicking noise. The garage I took it to replaced the caliper, so now it doesn't make the noise anymore.

Noise in the front end of 1991 Toyota Camry le and brakes make a noise what could it be?

State your noise.

What would be causing a scrubbing noise in rear brakes when you already replaced brake pads in a 96 grand jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The brake pads might not be adjusted properly. The brake pads can be too tight and have contact with the rotors.

Why are your brakes making a grinding noise?

Your pads or discs are worn. The brakes will fail soon if not replaced.

What is the cause of a strange noise on the rear brakes of a Mazda 6 2005?

you need new brakes

How do you know when to get your brakes checked?

If you suspect something, get them checked. If you get vibration while applying the brakes, get them checked. If you get grinding noise from the brakes, get them checked.

What causes a Noise coming from right rear wheel on moveing forward or reverse on my 2002 ford exployer?

My guess is your brakes might need some work. It all depends on what kind of noise you're talking about, though.

Why new brakes make squeaking noise?

they are horny

Funny noise coming from brakes on 2001 Mitsubishi Montero?

When it is time to change the brakes on your 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, they will make noises. There could be a grinding or squealing noise that you will hear.

How many ways are there to spell grown?

The homophones (sound-alike words) are:grown - adult, or made to growgroan - moaning noise, from pain, despair, or displeasure; to make this noise

What causes the squealing sound when car brakes are wearing out?

The squealing sound you hear when your car brakes are wearing out is referred to as a "squealer." This indicator is a strip of metal that when the brake pad wears down makes contact with the rotor making a metal on metal noise.

How do you tell if a 1996 Honda Civic Lx has ABS?

Slam on your brakes. If your brakes lock up, then you do not have ABS. If your brakes do not lock up and you hear a knocking type of noise from your brakes, then you have ABS.