What causes your eyes to feel like they have a coating on them and your vision to blur and become hard to focus after a while?


Is this a common feeling you have or is it seasonal? Some of it could be dry eye related... meaning your eyes arent lubricating properly and the bit that they DO lubricate is thick, and might make you feel like you're having to focus thru a fog or a haze. Usually however, I'd say it's allergies. Depending on where you're located and what types of allergies you have - that may be wreaking havoc on your poor little eyes. There are some really good lubricating drops you can purchase over the counter that may help with that, but it's my hunch that to really FIX the problem, you should probably see your Optometrist or Opthamologist so they can prescribe you a drop that will not only fix whatever irritation you might be having, but stimulate natural tear production too.

Hope that helped! Cindy

Do you cry a lot? If you cry, the salt in the tears may irritate your eyes. I have this problem, and when I cry, it becomes worse. This could also be astygmatism. I do not know how to spell astygmatism, but it can be corrrected with glasses or contacts.