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you probably have some type of arrhythmia. You need to go to the doctor?

AnswerA resting heart rate of 70 is still average. 50bpm is actually lower than average so you should be ok. If it goes from 50 to 70 then back to 50 quickly while you are still sitting or lying, you could just be having pvc's (premature ventricular contractions) and if it does not happen frequently it should be ok, but telling a doctor would be wise. Answer"A heart rate less than 60 beats per minute is called bradycardia. The average resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute.


Yes I agree with heart increases rate it can range from

exercising which is normal your heart should beat faster if you are exercising but not to fast.

Stress/anxiety times

Unknown situations

Theme park rides

Sometimes bradycardia is normal. For example, healthy young adults and well-trained athletes often have resting heart rates of less than 60 beats per minutes."

The answer to what causes increase could be if you have just exercised or are anxious, stressed, turned on. If your heart rate increased from 50-70 whilst still resting then it is not regular & you should see a doctor. 50 beats per min is not average, but it could be ok for you depending on whether you are an athlete or perhaps hereditary reasons.

60 -100 is the normal resting heart rate.eventhough 70 bpm is still average a number of factors are known to increase and have effects on the heart they include: stress, sodium levels, artery conditions- restricted from begining warning signs of asteoperosis. Really in my opinion i do not think that it is anything to worry about because every persony is wired differently than others so as long as your heart rate is still at a close to average state you should be fine.

If he is an athelete it is normal finding unless backed by Holter's monitor.New range is 60-90 BPM.

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Q: What causes your resting heart rate to increase from a normal 50 beats per minute to over 70 beats per minute?
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