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What causes your skin to become grey and clammy?

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There are too many things that could cause these conditions such as shock to the body (from a car accident) severe pain; heart attacks, etc. If you or anyone you know looks like this get them into ER immediately!

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Why after death is the skin sometimes grey and clammy?

The colour and temperature is from the circulation of blood. As after death no blood is circulating the skin appears grey and feels cold and clammy

What causes clammy skin?

There are a number of reasons for clammy skin. You may be nervous or experiencing a panic attack. Clammy skin can also be caused by an allergic reaction or in response to pain.

How do you use the word clammy in a sentence?

My hands become clammy when I watch horror movies. By the time he found her, she had fainted and her skin felt clammy.

What happens to your body when you become angry?

your blood pressure rises, you get flushed and the skin could become clammy

What is the sentence of clammy?

The dog's skin was clammy after it came from the mud. It is an example of sentence containing clammy.

Does vomiting cause clammy skin?

Vomiting can cause clammy skin. When one vomits, it depletes the body of nutrition and electrolytes. This may affect the appearance and feel of skin.

What is the medical term meaning condition that causes your skin to become blue or bluish-grey colored because of ingestion of silver?


What is clammy skin?

It looks wet and white.

What is cold and clammy skin a sign of?

Cold and Clammy skin is a sign of any of the following; Shock Anxiety Hypoglycemia Acute gastritis Heat exhaustion

Why is someone's skin cold and clammy in hypovolemic shock?

During shock, blood is conserved for the vital organs, and blood flow to the skin is decreased. This makes the skin feel cold and clammy.

How would a cave explorer use the word clammy?

The high humidity inside the cave instantly turned everyone's skin clammy.

Snakes are not cold and clammy fact or opinion?

Fact !... Reptile skin is dry - not clammy. Their temperature is governed by external heat sources.

Why does your forehead get clammy?

A clammy forehead usually happens do to perspiration. Sweat glands help the body stay cool when it gets hot, thus causing a moist clammy feeling on the surface of the skin.

What does the skin feel like when in shock?

Untreated shock would make the skin feel cold and clammy.

What happens to your body to make you pale and clammy?

Blood is routed away from your skin.

What layer of skin causes a tan to become leathery?


What causes the skin to become red when body temperature increases?

Increased blood flow to the skin.

Cold clammy skin and signs of shock are signs of what?

Shock is the progressive failure of the body to circulate oxygenated blood to all parts. Cold clammy skin, fainting, etc. are all signs of disrupted blood flow to different parts of the body.

Alchol in the blood causes the blood vessels in the skin to become wider what effect will this have on the body?

It causes numbness

What causes gray skin?

A heart attack cause the grey skin, a cardiac tamponade ( when blood or fluid builds up in the heart or lungs ) or because of lack of oxygen....!

What is mean by eczema?

a medical condition that causes the skin to become inflamed or irritated.

Can you make me a sentence using the word clammier?

Clammier - meaning being more clammy. Clammy is usually an adjective applied to skin, especially hands, when they become cold and sweaty.I could tell she was ill, her face and neck were getting clammier by the minute.My hands immediately became clammier as we moved down through the dungeon.

What causes cellulitis to reoccur?

Gravity! (Aging, or weight loss) lift skin UP. See skin become smooth.

What causes cold clammy skin?

There are too many things that could cause these conditions such as shock to the body (from a car accident) severe pain; heart attacks, etc. If you or anyone you know looks like this get them into ER immediately!

What are the signs and symptoms for shock?

Rapid, weak pulse (heartbeat). Cool, clammy skin. Sweaty skin. Rapid, shallow breathing. Altered level of consciousness.