What celebrations did the ancient Romans have?

There were many celebrations throughout the year in ancient Rome. In the winter (December or January) there was the feast of Compitalia, a feast and celebration of purification for the coming year. Also in January was the feast of Agonalia, the festival to the god Janus. Carmentalia also occurred in January and was a festival celebrating the goddess Carmentis. Throughout the year, the Ides of months (13th or 15th) were celebrated as festivals to the god Jupiter. There were six feast days in February, including Lupercalia, the feast of Faunus which is now celebrated as Valentine's day. March had 6 feast days, April had 6, May also had 6, as did June, July had 9, August had 6, September had the feat of Ludi Romani from the 5-19th, October saw 7, November had Ludi Plebeian, from the 4-17, and December saw 7, including the festival of the New Sun on December 25th.