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One celebrity that was murdered was Rebecca Schaeffer. She was from the television show, My Sister Sam. One celebrity suicide was Kurt Cobain.

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What celebrities have died?

MANY celebrities have died

How old is the youngest suicde commitment?

== The youngest suicde attempt was not yet discovered. go to to find out more infooooooooo.........== ) ==

How did all the Von Erich Brother die?

David died in Japan of a stomach infections. Mike, Chris and Kerry committed suicde.

Why Hitler committed suicde?

The war was lost.

How many celebrities have died at Beverly Hilton hotel?

Five celebrities have died at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

What are the reason of suicde?

It all leads down to depression. Maybe a loved one died or something terrible happend eg: u lost the house are the main causes of depression leading to suicde. There are limitless reasons but its not worth it because we might only live once. If u were thinking of topping urself dont!

What celebrities have died at the Beverly Hilton hotel?

Whitney Houston and Peter Finch are at least two celebrities who have died at the Beverly Hills hotel.

How did John Lennon's murder influence the music industry?

More celebrities hired body guards.

What celebrities died in 1949?

Babe Ruth

How many celebrities died in 2010?


What celebrities have died from lung cancer?

you i hate you

How many celebrities have died from overdoses of prescription drugs?

It's actually a trick question. The answer is zero. Because all celebrities have died from an ego burst.

Which WWE superstar is said to committed suicde in 2007?

Chris Benoit..

What celebrities have died this month?

Billy Mays Farah Fawcett Michael Jackson Ed Micmahon Those are some celebrities that have died in the month of June, 2009.

What celebrities died of gonorrhea?

Henry VIII :)Henry 8th died of it Henry 8th died of it

Names of celebrities died of AIDS?

Rock Hudson

What celebrities died in 2007?

Anna Nicole Smith

What celebrities have died from inhalant use?

Ash Ketchum.

What celebrities have died on October 2nd?

Samuel Adams did :)

What celebrities died at the age of 44?

Billie Holiday

How many celebrities have died at the Beverly Hilton?


Where did Hitler comit suicde?

Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker in Berlin.

What celebrities have die this week?

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon are 3 major celebrities that have died this week.

Which celebrities have died from drug overdose?

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How many celebrities have died at the Beverly Hilton hotel?