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What cell phones are used in the Jaguar Type S cars?


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1. My wife has a 2000 S type with the factory phone option. It is a Motorola P8767 with service from Verizon. It is a digital phone but will only work with Verizon. I have been trying to find a phone compatible with Cingular service.

2. Go to Jaguar web site about Bluetooth Connectivity:

You need to know last six characters of your VIN number to find the list of cell phones that work with your Jaguar communication system.

The Bluetooth® enabled telephone system is controlled from the steering wheel and from the Touch-screen. It allows the driver to make and receive calls safely and easily using a Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone handset without the need for wires or cradles. Different features will be available according to the mobile phone handset used. This area of the website is designed to help you get the best from the Bluetooth® system in the vehicle and get interactive help for your particular handset model.


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