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Osteoclasts are cells that degrade bone. Osteoblasts are the cells that build bones
Some bone cells deposit bone and some reabsorb bone tissue.

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What cell removes bone matrix?


A bone cell that absorbs and removes unwanted bone tissue is an?


Baking removes what from bone?

Baking removes ORGANIC from bone. Soaking bone in acid removes MINERALS.

What is the medical term meaning cell that is responsible for dissolving bone to enlarge the marrow cavity?

Osteoclasts: type of bone cell that removes bone tissue by removing its mineralized matrix and breaking up the organic bone.

Soaking bone in acid removes what from bone?

Soaking bones in acid removes all skin, muscle and tissues from the bone, leaving it clean, bare bone.

What does baking removes from bone?


What organ removes cell waste?

It is not just an organ that removes cell wastes it is the action of masterbating

Which organelle removes unwanted or damaged proteins from a cell?

hich organelle removes unwanted or damaged proteins from a cell?

What do osteoblasts and osteoclasts do?

"Osteoblast" is a type of cell found in bone tissue that constructs new bone. "Osteoclast" is a type of cell found in bone tissue that removes old bone materials to make room for new.Osteoclasts and osteoblasts keep our bones by removing old bone and constructing new bone.The function of osteoblasts and osteoclasts are to create new bone in places where bone has not yet grown or where bone has previously been lost. Osteoclasts control the reabsorption properties as well as maniuplate the overall shape of the bone. Osteoblasts are the cells that begin bone growth.

What is the job of a bone Cell?

One job of the bone cell is to secrete growth factors. The bone cell is also responsible for remodeling the bone.

Are Osteocyte bone building or bone destroying cell?

It is a bone cell. Osteo=bone+cyte=cell.Osteoblast build bone. Osteo=bone+blast=build.Osteoclasts break bone. -clast=break

Which bone receives nutrition and removes waste?

Haversian system

What organ removes organ cell waste?

Kidney removes the toxic products of metabolism.

How does a bone cell move?

The bone cell moves through the support of the muscles. The cell muscles will expand and contract which will result into movement of the bone cell.

What is the answer to a bone building cell?

An osteoblast is a bone building cell. Osteo=bone, blast=build.

What cell is responsible for bone resorption?

The osteoclast is the bone cell responsible for bone resorption by breaking down the bone matrix.

What is one important difference between a single bone cell and the bone tissue in a human femur bone?

A bone cell is a living cell, but bone tissue includes a non-living matrix

Function of bone cell?

There are many functions of bone cells. They dissolve the bone, form bone, and help maintain bone and lining cell that cover the surface of the bone.

What does bleach do to chicken bone?

Removes the phosphorous. It makes them very brittle.

What organelle removes waste from the cell?


What removes harmful substances from a cell?


Which organ removes cell waste from the blood?

i don't know bout cell waste, but spleen is the organ that removes OLD RED BLOOD CELLS

What is another word for bone cell?

Osteocytes Osteo-= bone -cyte= cell

What are some diseases caused by the bone cell?

Arthritis, Osteoprosis, Gout, and Muscular Dystrophy are diseases of the bone cell/bone.

Part of a plant cell that removes wastes?

The roots do.