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Q: What cells contain the full complement of hereditary material for its species?
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How do DNA provide evidence of evolution?

DNA is the hereditary material in most living things. It has provided evidence in evolution by proving there is a common ancient ancestry between diverse living species.

What contain 3 fourth of all species?

Mammals contain 3 fourths of all species

What is a change of hereditary features of a species over a long period is called?

Organic evoultion

Community can contain two populations of the same species?

It's can contain the two population of the same species and can reproduce

Why is gene pool diversity important to a species?

if a gene pool is restricted hereditary faults can be emphasized

Comparisions of protein similarity between species can reveal the degree of genetic kinship because?

No matter the species, genes contained within genetic material control the EXPRESSION of the Complete Protein Complement of the various cell-types. Related Cells produce [similar] related proteins, and any differences relate to Kinship.

What is the process of evolution in which different species that are in a close relationship evolve adaptations that complement each other?


How are gemetes different from other cells in the body?

The most obvious difference is that gametes are haploid, meaning that they contain only half the full complement of chromosomes in a somatic cell. There are also structural difference between the sperm and the egg and the gametes of different species.

What species contain 16 neutrons?


How does the zygote different than other body cells?

The most obvious difference is that zygote are haploid, meaning that they contain only half the full complement of chromosomes in a somatic cell. There are also structural difference between the sperm and the egg and the zygote of different species.

Which of these would contain the fewest number of species?


What would contain the fewest number of species?


How many species contain the name daubentonia?


Is cork stopper is natural material?

Cork is a natural material obtained from a particular species of tree.

What is all genes in a species?

Genome is the entirety of an organism's hereditary information. It is either encoded in DNA or for many viruses, in RNA.

Does spermatids contain 46 chromosomes?

That depends on the species. In humans, spermatids are haploid and contain 23 chromosomes.

If a species normally has 46 chromosomes the cells it produces by meiosis will each have?

Meiosis produces cell with half the genetic material of the original cell. Therefore in this case the gametes would contain 23 chromosomes.

A single hectare of rainforest may contain how many tree species?

400 tree species i think.

What animal phylum contain the highest number of species?


What household items contain salts?

nail remover , species

How many species does felis domesticus contain?


Do jellyfish contain jelly?

Depending on the species, the body contains between 95 and 98% water. Most of the umbrella mass is a gelatinous material - the jelly - called mesoglea which is surrounded by two layers of protective skin.

Are all species evolution?

All species are evolved. Some species ( bacteria, for instance ) have a horizontal transfer of genetic material along with simple cell division. Most other organisms, sexual reproducers, have a vertical transmission of genetic material.

Is there in universe information about anyone's past in molecules?

for an individual, no for a species, yes the DNA in individuals of a given species does contain information about the evolutionary past of that species

Produced when genetic material from two species are mixed?